Do women have it better?

I am all for women’s rights and everything that goes with that. Then sometimes, things happen in my life, I wonder if that is true that women have it better. 

This morning I went to a service station because my car’s tyres needed some air. Normally I put the air myself as most service stations have a machine where you can enter the tire pressure and off you go. But this particular service station had an old style air pump which I didn’t know how to use. I parked the car and I was just looking at how to use the machine. I must have looked dumb and confused so out of nowhere this guy came and asked me if I needed help. I definitely did, so I said yes. He was kind enough to help me and fill air in all the four tyres.  I thanked him and drove off. I was glad there was someone to help me otherwise I would have spent a while on working out how the machine worked.

 This situation made me think, if I was a guy trying to work out that machine in the service station, would I still have been offered help? 

Because I remember a conversation with my friends (guys) about how people are so nice on the road these days that they give you way when you are trying to change lanes or slow down when you are trying to overtake. And they told me it doesn’t happen to them and I am getting those purely because I am a woman. I disagreed with them then but now it makes me wonder if they were right. In their words “Women are nice to women and men are nice to women so either way, women win”. 

So here are the 10 things I get during my day-to-day life which I am not too sure I get it because I am woman. Please let me know if it is normal or I am getting that because I am a woman. 

  1. Most of the time people smile at me, both men/women when our eyes meet while walking on the street.
  2. Strangers offers me a drink when I go out for a night out. If it is a club, guys come and dance with me and compliments your dress, hair etc. (I think I know the answer already).
  3. Once on a rainy day, this guy came from a shop with an umbrella and helped me cross the road even though he was not walking in the same direction as I was.
  4. A cab driver didn’t take money from me because I was nice to him. All I did was have a conversation during the ride. I insisted on paying but he insisted on not taking the money.
  5. When shopping, the cashier lets me get off with a few cents and says “its ok, don’t worry” while I am digging in your bag for change.
  6. When I am cold at work, everyone was happy to lend me their jumper (guys and gals).
  7. It’s easy to ask for direction when I get lost as everyone seems to be willing to help. I even have some people who walked with me to my destination even if they were walking towards the opposite direction. I couldn’t thank him enough.
  8. Many strangers request me to be their friend in Facebook. 
  9. When I was single, I felt that even my good/close friends were trying to hit on me even though I made it clear to them that I wasn’t looking for a relationship anytime soon.
  10. When we (friends) go out for lunch or dinner, guys in the group offer to pay for my share. I make sure the next time I pay for the meal but the guys insist on paying most of the times.

Tell me your opinion.

20 responses to “Do women have it better?

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  2. It’s not about women having it better. Good looking men and women have it better, and yes good looking women have it better than good looking men.
    Our world has come to this that appearance matters a LOT. I’ve often seen people call it smartness, which is quite dumb. Dress nicely, have a good body language, speak clearly and you’re already getting half of the attention. Majority of people in the world are not that good looking and dream of wanting to be with someone with good looks.

    • Nepthought , I never thought I was getting all those help because I am good looking. I don’t agree that smartness is defined by look alone. When people talk to a person, they can easily judge how smart or dump you are so I have to disagree with you on that one.

  3. I will agree that I enjoy being a woman. 🙂

  4. 1, 8 & 9 can go both ways equally. 2, 6 & 7 are exclusively under gals domain.

  5. Being a woman has many advantages and disadvantages…just enjoy your advantages because are some things that only women have…I don’t even want to be equal with men. I want men to open the door for me, protect me and help me every time. I like being a woman :D.

  6. Men vs women : I think this never ends. Both genders are at the receiving end at some instances and at giving end at other. The fact is we are created differently no mater how much we try to deny it. We should respect others for what they are. Also, we need to use our strengths for good and not for evil, you know what i mean, if we want to be respected for what we are. All men (some exceptions: no offence to them) seek for women to love and all women (yes exceptions) seek for men to love, so why this debate about who is equal and who is not. We are equal and yet we are different, this is what makes this world so lively and beautiful. Just enjoy your life, love the man/woman you have.

  7. 1 through 10 may be because you’re a woman, but I’ve a hunch that 1 through 10 are actually a result of you being you.

  8. its almost true… even ive experienced many things. ppl helping me out coz im a women…..

  9. Reblogged this on Padmini's Svorga and commented:
    I absolutely enjoy reading nepaliaustralian’s posts. This one especially. I don’t definitely agree that women get preferential treatment, but she gives some good examples of times when I do believe women probably are getting the better end of the stick.

  10. I’m female so maybe, I’m getting the feminine advantage too. But most of those things that happen to me as well. I get smiled at, but I’m usually already smiling. I think people smile back when smiled at. I get men offer to do things, but I think they are often just trying to “get some”, maybe thats a negative perspective.
    I only have people at local stores offer to not worry about change, but in those same shops, I’ve seen men get told “its okay, pay next time” so that isn’t only for females.

    Where I don’t think its okay to female:
    if you want a job and are completing against a man (unless its a job that’s otherwise incredibly feminine, like teaching or nursing)
    if you want a leadership position and are competing against a man
    if your purity is in question (I don’t think male purity is every anyone’s concern)
    If you are in a man’s world (like a home improvement shop) and actually know more than the male you are talking to.
    –I once went to a plumbers shop and knew the exact size pipe attachment I was looking for. He man told me that the size I was looking for didn’t exist. I said, I knew for a fact what size I needed and that it does definitely exist. He dismissed me and walked away saying “this is why women shouldn’t do man’s work”. I went to another shop that sold me the part (you know, the non-existent one) that I needed.
    Actually if you are in any position where you no more than the male authority you are talking to.
    — I have had many male teachers that do not want to be told that they are wrong or asked a question they don’t know the answer to. I once was in a trigonometry class and the teacher was incorrect in describing the unit circle. I’d already taken and passed two levels of Calculus, but they weren’t excepted by my college and so I’d been bumped down to Trig. So I pointed out and solved the fractions that proved that he was putting the pi fractions equivalent to the wrong angles in the unit circle. He once publicly told the class that women weren’t well suited for advanced mathematics and that we shouldn’t be permitted into the classes except by permission.

    I agree that some feminist views go WAY too far. I could go on that for some time, but I don’t think that its always good to be male or female. There are ups and downs to both. I’m glad that most of your interactions are good ones. 🙂

  11. A few years back, a tire went flat. While I changed it, both men and women stopped and offered assistance. I could handle it, but it was nice of all to offer assistance.

    When I first crossed gender lines, it was amazing how stupid I became in Home Depot. I’ve done a fair amount of home remodeling and rebuilding, from carpentry to some plumbing to lots of wiring, drywall, tile work, etc… but the change I experienced in such stores amused me.

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