Living in Sydney, we get access to all type of the food from around the world. It feels really good to choose from hundreds of options when we decide to go out for lunch or dinner.

Last weekend, it was very wet and windy so we decided to go for some nice and warm Yumcha lunch at Dragon Boat Restaurant in Darling harbour.

Yum cha also know as Ban ming  is a Chinese style morning or afternoon tea, which involves drinking Chinese tea and eating dim sum dishes. Yum cha in Cantonese literally means “drink tea”, while ban ming is a more poetic “tasting of tea”.

To start of with, the place has an amazing view of the Darling harbour. It is one of the most happening places in Sydney so even on a wet day, the atmosphere was great. As we had gone there around mid day, the place was not busy but as the lunch time had started the place filled up quickly and most of the people were having warm food, probably due to the weather.

The place was excellently furnished with Chinese red wood furniture and we had an amazing view as we were given a window seat.

The place was a bit pricy for Yumcha compared to other places but we loved the Peking duck. We also had meat spring roll, Pancake, prawn dim sim, mixed fried dumpling, chicken leg, fried prawns and pork belly. I was very disappointed by dumplings and the worst part was, the waiters are so unfriendly. They try not to look at you as much as possible. We had to wait a long time for a glass of water.

Apart from that,I had a great time with my husband.I was happy to enjoy good company with nice food. I still love my Yumcha and will go back again but may be to a different restaurant.

12 responses to “Yumcha

  1. I miss having great dim sum!

  2. I am staying in Bangkok now and I find even Thai people are offended towards their way of life-style and the way they talk even though there are majority of Chinese in Thailand. But, I think we are not here to discuss about any particular regligion, culture and way of life. It just sounds not descent.

  3. You’ve gone and stirred up the yearnings of my poor old stomach. 😉 Mmmm!

  4. Great photos! Makes me want to go out and get some Chinese food!

  5. I have a friend from Shanghai and she says that all “real chinese” are “rude” (though she doesn’t consider it rude) this way. My Nepali ex-bf hates going to Chinese restaurants because he thinks they are so rude. Same type of thing, not even a glass of water and you’ve got to ask for tea. Last time we ate in the International District here, I pointed out that they treat their own kind the same way. He seemed to be implying it was because he’s brown Asian and I’m white that we were receiving poor treatment. I don’t get offended, after living with my Chinese friend for so long, I understand that its just their way. He can’t stand it though.

    • I think Chinese people have different etiquette than we do so we find it rude sometimes but most of the Chinese restaurant in Sydney , I found people friendly and very helpful I think it might depend from people to people as well. I am glad you understand people are different so we need to accept them the way they are.

  6. such a nice little description. some more info on the tea was needed though!

  7. I’ve eaten lots of dim sum before, although I’ve never heard of yum cha. I need to try it! Also, I love your outfit 🙂

    • Thanks you Zoe. I have never found a Yumcha place in Nepal but I am talking abut Kathmandu more than 10 tears ago. If you finds a place, do share the name so I can go there when I am in Nepal next. 🙂

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