How honest are you?

Yesterday I and my husband went to a bookshop where we bought a few items. He paid for the books in cash and as we were walking out, he suddenly turned around and went back into the shop. I didn’t know what happened but when he was back out he said “They gave me too much change”. I was so glad to see my husband honest and I’m proud to be married to him.

This made me wonder, how honest are we?

NAB bank here has a ad right now which shows some experiment that they conducted to test how honest Australians are? They tested people randomly in different cities. The tests they conducted were as follows.

  1. They had a barista which intentionally gave customers more change than they were owed, and waited for people to return the difference.
  2. They had someone drop cash filled wallets on a street in Sydney and waited for it to be returned.
  3. They had a man drop some money in the street and checked how many people returned the cash.

Have a look at the videos below.

The result was:

  1. For the change test, 91% of the people returned the change.
  2. For wallet test, 88% of the wallets were returned.
  3. For dropped money test, 95% people stopped, picked up the money and gave it to the man.

 I am really happy that there are so many honest people around. All of us like to think that we are honest but in our hearts we also know that there are times we tell fibs and also we engage in a little dishonesty too from time to time.

If you were Pinocchio, how long would your nose be now?

  • Normal nose length
  • Just your arms length
  • So long that you couldn’t properly see it’s tip right now.

No, No, No, be honest about your dishonesty now! This is an honesty test and you are lying about this as well?!!! (Just kidding :))

According to a research, the average person tells around 11,000 lies during their life, which means we tell 2 to 3 lies a week. If we really break it down like that it does look like a lot.

What about white lies? I read somewhere, “If you tell a lie that doesn’t hurt anyone in anyway, you can get away with that”. Do you agree?

I will give you some examples, the obvious ones.

The girlfriend buys jeans and tries it in front of the mirror and asks her boyfriend, “How do I look.”. It is too tight and colour is red so basically she looks awful. What should he say? As you know this is a situation where you don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings and at the same time want to be honest.

I believe lying is a habit and if you start it, you will, most likely, continue lying, be they white lies or not. Remember when we were kids, they teach us, honesty is the best policy, believe it and practice it. So the best practice is not to lie in first place. This saves having to come up with lies to cover more lies.

Tell me your story?

21 responses to “How honest are you?

  1. I really like this post. 🙂 I always give the extra change back to the cashier if I am aware it because sometimes I just don’t count the change and put it in my purse right away and just leave. But of course I’m not perfect and I lie sometimes. 😦

  2. Wonder how the percentages might change in some states in the USA…. I’m happy to hear of the high percentage of honest people nonetheless. Thank you!

  3. I m happy to see there are so much honest peoples.
    I m working in a shop and often buyer forget theires money bags. In my office I have a safe and there we to deposit it for one day. Most peoples come back the same day for to search.
    I had experienced so many times that peoples nothing have a thank you for us, in fact sometimes their watch in the money bag….is everythings stolen? >Then really my face is smlle but my thinking is…..grrrrrr.
    Some peoples are ingrate.

    When I was a child….omg sometimes I m not honest. (small things), but my dad taught me to be honest.

  4. “Clean hands are better than full hands”

  5. I’ll probably still have a normal nose length. I lied several times, when I needed to, and I also told the truth when I needed to. Great post!

  6. I went to a self-checkout station today and there was somebody else’s change left there. I told the cashier and she collected it and put it in an envelope with the machine number and the time on it.

    I am not always so honest. I once went through a rough customer “disservice” time with HP. The laptop I had was only two months old and had already had two hard drives fail. The first time I returned the whole pc because I didn’t have anything on it yet (the pc was like 2 hours old) but the second time it was full of photos and music, etc. It was definitely not cool to lose so much of my school work and person items. When HP sent me out the replacement hard drive I was supposed to install myself (at least I’m good at that sort of thing, the warranty actually said it would replace the part but installation would cost $75), I waited a week and the hard drive didn’t arrive. They asked me to wait another week and I did. After two weeks, they finally agreed to investigate. About a month after not having a working computer, HP sent me another hard drive.

    I installed the new hard drive and a week later my neighbor came knocking on my door. She handed me a box from HP saying that it had been mistakenly delivered to her home by Fed Ex about a month ago. (Oh..that’s why HP was so upset at sending another one?) Her husband had told her he’d already taken it to me and she found it under the seat in his car. I did not try to return it to HP. I was still rather upset that their pc was such a worthless piece of junk in the first place and then having their problem fixed was such a headache.

    I did not keep the hard drive either. A good friend of mine was building a robot for a scholarship competition so I donated the lost and found hard drive to him to use for his robot. Is that an honest use of dishonesty?

  7. Wow….thats a great result. I wonder if the results would be the same if it was tried in a ghetto 🙂

  8. Some estimate 90% of us will commit a felony in our lifetime, and probably not even know it. Unfortunately, I did commit a felony, no speculation involved, and believe me, the whole experience gnaws at my soul.

    That said, people who know me would claim me honest, and it is something I zealously guard, over my dead body would I ever fall apart again. Five years ago, I called and ordered a sandwich. I was on a drive to a school of electrology for treatment, and wouldn’t be home until late. I stopped to pick it up… no sub. I realised later I called the wrong place. The next day I stopped by the one I called, and left an envelope with payment for the mis-ordered sandwich, with a note. It mattered not to them I suppose, and no one knew it was me, but… it mattered to me.

  9. What a heartwarming thing to see from the videos, all those honest people, Yay! I am so honest myself, and I couldn’t change it. I agree what you said it’s a learned habit. We were raised by our parents very well I am proud to say! Good subject and wonderful blog, too! I forgot to mention, my nose would be at normal nose length. 🙂

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