My Easter long weekend

Even though I don’t celebrate Easter, it is one of the best times of the year to have fun. Every year there is an Easter breakfast at work with Easter buns and Easter eggs and after that, off we go for a 4 day long weekend.

This year after a long time, I spent my Easter long weekend in Sydney. Before, I have always tried to escape Sydney at this time of the year as it is the second longest holiday here after Christmas, but this year we have a holiday planned in May so we thought it was better to enjoy Easter in Sydney. And I was surprised how busy we were even in Sydney.

Over the four day period, we attended a family dinner, a baby shower, catch up with my friends for dinner, catch up with AS’s friends for dinner, catch-up with his family for  dinner, whew, even writing all that tired me out! I couldn’t believe that the time went so fast and I am back at work now.

As I mentioned before in my post , everyone around me is either pregnant or already has a baby. Our friend N and J are expecting their first baby soon, so I went for the baby shower. It was organised in a park and we had great fun with them and their guests. The most entertaining part of the day was the games they had organised. If anyone is planning a baby shower soon and looking for ideas for games, here are a few fun ones from the day.

  • Fill baby bottle with milk and have a competition on who can finish the milk from the baby bottle.
  • Have adults (blindfolded) taste baby food and ask what flavour it is.
  • Blindfold people and make them feel baby stuffs like pacifier, nappy, clothes and ask them what they are.
  • The best one out of all, in a baby nappy, put some baby food (like green spinach or yellow corn ones) which will look like poo and have a competition on who can lick them clean quickest. I know it sounds gross but it was fun to watch. 🙂

The next evening we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner, the food was amazing and the highlight of it was the fish we had. Tasty with a very spicy sauce.

Then one evening we went to AS’s friend’s place for dinner. There was so much food that by the end of the evening I was so stuffed that I could  barely walk.

On the last evening, we went for a BBQ and momo in AS’s cousin’s place. How can Nepali people party without a momo? I got to meet his side of the family and make momo. The sauce was really spicy and tasty.

Also Easter is the time to indulge with lots of chocolates as well so there was lots of exchange of chocolates at work as well as with friends. AS is a big fan of dark chocolates so I bought him handmade chocolates from Belle Fleur. It just melts in your mouth and tastes divine. They were in shape of bunny, Easter eggs and hot cross bun.

How was your Easter break?

Hope everyone had a great time.

9 responses to “My Easter long weekend

  1. Now I’m seriously hungry!

  2. Wow, you have some awesome Easter weekend! Great!
    I have a long weekend too (5 days!) and mostly I just stayed at home, writing, watching movies, sorting out my stuff in my closet. 😀 It sounds boring but I’m thankful I was able to have time to rest and bond with my family. 🙂

    Btw, the games sounds fun but the last one was, yes gross! LOL. That’s probably the reason why I’m not married yet, I can do everything for the baby except changing the nappy. Oh I just can’t take it!

    • I so wished I had at least a day to myself in that break but I should not complain as it was fun…

      Babies stuffs comes to you naturally once you have a baby so you don’t need to worry 🙂

  3. I was reading momo over and over again! I miss momossss! 😦

    Glad you had loads of fun. When will you be in the baby circle? Tee hee 😀

  4. What an amazing Easter break you had!

    The fourth game you mentioned….ewwww! 😛

    Nice little journey to the Easter struk city of Sydney! Keep posting!

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