DANGI touched down in Sydney

I am so glad that Australia has got behind, Chandra Bahadur Dangi from Nepal, the worlds shortest man, with the help of Nova FM.

He arrived in Australia about 7pm on Sunday 13 May 2012 to a hero’s welcome.

More than 100 fans cheered, sang and snapped photos as he was carried through the Sydney international airport on the back of his nephew Dolakh Dangi and flanked by his Australian tour guides Nova FM breakfast hosts Fitzy and Wippa.

The 72-year-old from a remote village in Nepal had never left his village until he was discovered as the worlds shortest man in February this year. With his new found fame, Dangi said he wanted to travel to spread the word of his country and village.

Fitzy and Wippa, RJs from Nova FM said they never thought he would actually come when they decided to invite him to Australia via his friend Sid Lama. They were dressed in a traditional Australian bushman outfit and Emma Woodward, Sydneys tallest woman at 194 cm and a second very tall woman were there with a Tall People Love Dangi sign.

They couldn’t wipe the smile from their faces as Dangi high fived fans as he was carried through the arrival Gate D wearing a traditional Nepali Topi with two Nova badges on it. As people caught the first glimpse of him there were cries of Dangi! and comments like “He’s so cute.” Dangi seemed a bit overwhelmed by his new found superstar status. However, the content expression on his face gave the impression that he would soon get used to it.

Wippa greeted Dangi, who doesn’t speak any English, with a white scarf known as a Khata and said Namaste meaning hello, and swagatam meaning welcome in Nepali. Dangi posed for photos, giving the camera a double thumbs up and posing in a big group photo with all the so-called Dangi Fever sufferers.

Nova had organized Dangi badges, balloons, stickers, t-shirts and 54.6cm rulers for Dangi fans, while many had made their own signs and had gifts for Dangi, including Kyle Merry who gave him a fishing rod.

Fitzy and Wippa then took Dangi, his nephew, and Mr Lama to their hotel where they were going to organize room service and have a cup of tea before bed.

Dangi will be a part of five days of activities around Sydney with Fitzy and Wippa, finishing with a live broadcast from the Sydney Opera Bar on Friday morning, where more Dangi fans will have a chance to get up close to the little legend from Nepal.

News, photos and video courtesy of http://www.novafm.com.au

4 responses to “DANGI touched down in Sydney

  1. also i think a lady called Alison who is from Sydney is about 204cm.
    That would make her one of, if not the tallest.

  2. Um, guys? Not ACTUALLY Sydney’s tallest … Heard of Lauren Jackson?

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