Hot chocolate, no Cioccolata calda

I am not a coffee drinker as coffee gives me a headache so if I have to drink, I would order a hot chocolate while my hubby enjoys his mocha or cappuccino.  During our Europe trip as well I had hot chocolates instead of coffee whenever we sat down in cafes for drink.

While in Burano, we fell like a coffee and cookie so we went to this small café along the way. We asked for a hot chocolate, a cappuccino and some cookies. The cookies were yummy and AS was happy with his cappuccino but I was surprised to get a cup full of thick hot chocolate with no milk.  It looked more like a dessert you get in Max Brenner  than a drink I was expecting. It was so thick that it stuck to the sides of the cup. It was very dark and with a bitter edge but too sweet for my liking. I didn’t know what to do with it as I could not drink it. I dipped a few cookies into it but did not drink rest of it . I was a bit disappointed that I could not get my normal hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate, cioccolata calda

That was not the only time we were served a thick hot chocolate. In Rome as well, I got the same drink when I ordered a hot chocolate. Luckily we had an Italian couple in our tour group so they helped me get a cup of warm milk and I made my own hot chocolate by mixing the thick chocolate with milk.

Hot chocolate, cioccolata calda

So after coming back to Sydney, I goggled what really happened to my hot chocolate in Italy and this is what I found. I got Cioccolata Calda when I asked for hot chocolate. Chi-o-co-la-ta Call-da is Italian for Hot Chocolate. Cioccolata Calda is described as authentic Italian Hot Chocolate which is a cup of thick, delicious, creamy, pudding like consistency, hot chocolaty goodness. I should have asked for milk chocolate if I wanted my normal hot chocolate. So remember if you ever visit Italy, do keep in mind the difference.

I learnt my lesson to do some research on food and drinks for the next time I travel.

If you want to try your own Cioccolata Calda, click here for the recipe.

6 responses to “Hot chocolate, no Cioccolata calda

  1. Yes it’s bizarre isn’t it? Nice, but offputting if think you’re getting a drink.
    I used to meet an English friend every few days when I lived in Como, and I always had a pot of tea while she had hot choc. She used to ask for a large glass, and mix the hot choc with water from my teapot before she let me put the tabag in! That way she could have proper drinking chocolate 🙂

  2. Ooops… accidental post there. That would take care of a sweet tooth!

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