100,000 pageview

Hooray!!!!!! One more reason to celebrate!!!

Only last week I celebrated my one year of blogging and now I am pleased to announce that nepaliaustralian has marked 100,000 views. Yes one hundred thousand :). The month of September has one more reason for celebration now.

I’m sure there are other blogs that get that kind of traffic in a month, a week or even a day but for me reaching the milestone of 100,000 feels pretty good.

For a year now, this blog has been my baby and to see it being read and appreciated makes me the happiest person ever.

Here is a list of the top countries  who viewed my blog:

Thank you so much everyone once again for being a part of my journey and I dedicate this post to all you readers.

Thank you, Thank you all!!!

12 responses to “100,000 pageview

  1. That’s amazing! Keep it up! Good stuff. Blessings as you continue.

  2. Congrats! This is amazing! I started a year ago and I have only a tenth of the hits you’ve had. Well done!

  3. WOW! congradulations!!! That’s amazing!!! hehehehe sucessful blogger!

  4. Congratulations!!!!! And thanks so much for so many informations about nepal society and all the other fantastic posts. 🙂

  5. we love u, love ur blogs , love ur feelings, love ur energy, devotion, and love your voice

  6. Great! Congratulations to you and the blog all the way from Kathmandu!! Enjoy Dear!!!

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