Please help Pushpa Basnet to win CNN Hero 2012

It’s not fair for (these) children to live in a prison because they haven’t done anything wrong…My mission is to make sure no child grows up behind prison walls.” These are the words of Pushpa Basnet, a social worker and Founder/President of Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) and Butter Home, non-profit organisations in Kathmandu, Nepal. In Nepal, when there is no local guardian available, an arrested parent often must choose to keep their children in jail with them.

I have talked about Pushpa Basnet before in this post. Please read it to learn more about this amazing human being who has sacrificed her life towards the welfare of children of Nepal.

Now, she has been nominated for CNN Heroes Award 2012 for her effort and contribution and I would like everyone who is reading this post to click the following link and vote for her. Your two minutes can give shelter, hope and smile to thousands of children in need.

Please help her win.



8 responses to “Please help Pushpa Basnet to win CNN Hero 2012

  1. our votes got counted. Cheers for HER.

  2. I voted……………

  3. a vote coming right up.

  4. jaya ho, just voted

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