What would you do if a STRANGER follows you trying to make conversation?

Normally I go for 30 – 40 minutes’ walk during my lunch break. I think I have to stop that soon as it is getting very hot here but I really enjoy it as it gives me some fresh air. Otherwise I would be sitting on my desk all day long. Mostly I go to walk in the park near my office or sometimes I go to shopping center  I always take my phone with me and listen to music with my earphones plugged in.

Anyway on one of these walks last week, a car stopped near me on the road. I didn’t give it much attention and kept walking. But a middle aged guy some 40+ came out of the car and started talking to me. He first complimented me saying I look beautiful. I just ignored him and kept walking but he started walking next to me.

I became a bit weary of his persistence and kept walking. But then he started asking my name and where I work. He kept talking even as I walk on. He was making me uncomfortable and I didn’t want to start a conversation so I kept ignoring him but he kept walking beside me. I was close to my office but I didn’t want to go in as I didn’t want him to know where I worked so I decided to walk a block. But he still kept walking with me.

I was really scared at that point because I didn’t know what to do. Recently there has been lots of news about girls and women being assaulted and abducted so my mind was racing thinking what I should do next. Luckily after almost 10 minutes he understood that I was not going to talk to him and he left me alone. It was really creepy.

I do get occasional compliments in malls or even on the street from complete strangers , not only from men but also from women about my dress or shoe. I smile back at them and thank them and go my own way but this was my first experience where I was really scared.

I am just glad that it was over because I didn’t know what I would have done next if he had kept on following me.

Have you ever been standing in the line at the supermarket, riding the bus home or sitting at the doctor’s office when a stranger tries to strike up a conversation with you? How do you deal with it?

I really don’t want to be rude but sometimes it is really uncomfortable and in times like this, it is very scary to talk to complete strangers especially if they are men.

15 responses to “What would you do if a STRANGER follows you trying to make conversation?

  1. My most recent was in London. He touched my arm ! ! ! Now I know why Rape is henious.

  2. I should clarify, not that cars follow me, but that men try to talk to me and don’t take a hint.

    • That is scary. We really need to be very careful in this world.

    • Karylee Edvalson

      I dont think trying to give a “hint” is a good idea. I think you should make direct eye contact and say loudly, “get the fuck away from me”. Why is it ok for you to feel scared but not ok to be rude? You got it upside down.

  3. Happens to me fairly often. This made me think of this post which a friend of mine shared with me on facebook. Unfortunately, creepy men are everywhere. Thankfully your story isn’t as scary as this one, but still scary anyway. Truly sorry you went through it and thanks for sharing. http://unwinona.tumblr.com/post/30861660109/i-debated-whether-or-not-to-share-this-story

  4. It’s one thing to be idle in a line and conversation ensues, quite another to follow someone and badger. Creepy.

    Years ago, I was with a British friend in Madison WI. I didn’t notice a man approach her from the side away from me. M is quite attractive, and he got a little too bold. I heard a ‘— owf’ dismissal from the most gentle person I know, and it cracked me up.

  5. Well, not being a woman, or young, or pretty, so I don’t worry about myself, but I do worry about my kids getting too far ahead of me when we’re out for a walk, for example. I’ll echo the advice from tashsn to walk with someone, and am glad your scary situation wasn’t worse!

  6. I’m glad to hear you were quick thinking and got away from him. I think is such a situation good manners are irrelevant., You have to turn to him and say loudly (so the people around can hear you) “I don’t know you, please leave me alone”.
    I once had a very bad expereince with a guy who followed me to work (I didn’t see him) and stalked me. That was what the police advised me to do.

  7. I do feel you that it could be scary at times. Have seen good number of men who like to strike up a conversation with pretty ladies. I do sometimes, but it’s more general, usually with little kids. I cannot help but make funny face to them and get their attention.

    I remember one time this young lady had just gotten into Temo (three-wheeler/Kathmandu) in Ratnapark. She sat right next to this 50years-looking man, who was keeping eye on her right from the time she appeared.
    She was going some place near by Soaltee Hotel. He kept asking her if it was this-place or that-place. She was meeting someone near by this 5 star hotel and had never been there. Poor lady finally got off after this creepy guy kept asking her his stupid question. They can’t really stand pretty ladies, can they?

    I could have said something to the annoying man, but chose to be an observer only.

    And I have also seen girls who talk it out. They make em brothers and ask to invite in Tihar. Hehe….

    My best wishes that they leave you alone. SMiles from Kathmandu….

    • I can’t help but talk to cute kids in trains or buses as well. I hope their parents don’t find me annoying. I love them when they smile and try to talk to me .

      I really hate to travel in micro bus in Nepal because it is the easy place for some creepy men who can sit closer to girls and perv on them. Also busy paces like Ason is great place for these men to come closer to the women. I have hit a guy so hard in Newroad once because he dash me intentionally while walking hurting me so bad. Wish more girls do this more often so they stop taking advantages of the situation 🙂

      I really like the one when you said the girls making them brothers, really good respond for all the annoying people 🙂

  8. Whoa! This is way up the next rung of the ladder! I face this a lot to.. people in malls, people from cars, random losers and stalkers but at some point they get it (or not). But this is top notch. Be careful girl, there are lot of creepy people out there.. grab a friend while going for a walk. Lone time is not so safe you know when we’re living in an era of psychopaths, serial killers and just simply mentally disturbed folks!
    p.s- this just inspired me to share such an incident that happened to me- obv. different reasons though hehe.

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