Dashain Tika update

So here is the update on my Dashain from Sydney. Yesterday I took a day off from work and stayed home to celebrate Dashain.

I wore my red sari to be in a festive mood and performed the puja at home first.

Then we went to my brother’s place for the celebration.

As my brother’s MIL is in town, she put tika for all of us.  Also I got tika and blessings from all the other elder persons. It was really fun as there were so many of us there.

Then I and my husband put tika on all the younger ones.

It is the first Dashain for my nephew but he can’t put tika on yet as he hasn’t completed his Pasni ceremony. Still we bought him a Dashain gift and it was a cute Jumper from pumpkin patch. He looked so cute with his new jumper on 🙂

We had a great time as we played card and have some yummy food. 🙂

Here are some photos.

Hope everyone is having a great time this Dashain.

7 responses to “Dashain Tika update

  1. Absolutely great post. just everything. Dashain is over , still my mouth is watering for the food you have posted. He he. and yes, u look lovely in saree.

  2. Thanks for sharing! The photos of the Nepalese food is making me drool though! I love the food from Nepal! Beautiful saris too! 🙂

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