Lugano: Switzerland

When I was growing up, if there was place in the world I always wanted to visit, it was Switzerland and on this Europe trip we went there.

As a child I was always fascinated by the beauty of the Swiss Alps and the natural beauty of Switzerland. As I got older, every time I saw someone’s photo from Switzerland or any movie or documentary of Switzerland, I would tell myself that one day I will visit that country. So when we entered Switzerland from Italy that was one of the most exciting moments of my life.

I was so happy that finally I would be on a mountain trail, looking at the beautiful Alps and the farms full of big cows.

Our first stop in Switzerland was Lugano.

Lugano, with 54,000 residents, is the largest city in the canton of Ticino. It is located on the beautiful Lake Lugano, 30 minutes north of the Italian border and one hour north of Milan. The city feels completely different than German-speaking Switzerland, but the prices, cleanliness, well-dressed people, and Ferraris remind you that you are still in Switzerland.

Lugano, Switzerland, nicknamed the “Monte Carlo of Switzerland,” is a popular tourist destination because of its quaint Swiss-village feel, its culture, its favourable proximity to (and distance from) urban commotion and, most of all, its majestic scenery.

Once we were in Lugano, we had half a day to explore the beautiful city. It was perfect spring weather with the sun shining on the clear blue beautiful sky. I was so excited to get off the bus and explore my dream destination. You could actually tell that you are in Switzerland as it was so clean everywhere.

As we got off the bus, I could see Lake Lugano with its deep blue water. The rich vegetation in the surrounding valleys and the stunning mountain peaks makes this a place of peaceful relaxation. As we walked along the lake I was extremely happy to enjoy this beautiful country.

Down by the lake shore is the famous Lugano promenade which gently meanders along the water’s edge, decorated with maples, palms and carefully tended flower beds. Here you can sit and watch the ferry boats busy themselves or take a lake cruise and admire the spectacular scenery.

The charismatic narrow streets in the centre of Lugano are peppered with grand piazzas, where cafes and bars make a welcome retreat for those who like to relax and watch the world go by. There are historic buildings and Renaissance churches with their charming belltowers and 15th century frescoes that portray incredible moments in history.

The next thing I noticed in Luganoo was big designer stores and boutiques everywhere. Via Nassa and Via Pessina are two of the most popular shopping streets found right in the heart of Lugano. You name the brand and they have it from Hermes, Versace, Gucci, Issey Miyake, to Armani, Rolex, Cartier.

We were not planning to go brand shopping but we were looking to buy a Swiss knife for my husband and a watch for me.

As we were walking along the shops, we discovered that everything is expensive in Switzerland. It’s quite amazing to see items that you saw the day before in Italy at triple the prices. Our guide told us that a lot of locals drive into Italy to do the shopping (it’s quite close) every week or two.

We ended up ditching shopping after buying few souvenirs and concentrated on sightseeing.

We visited San Lorenzo Cathedral, City hall, Old Fountain on the embankment in the centre of Lugano. It was a really nice town and I can understand why it is called a place for the rich and famous.

Please click here for more photos.

20 responses to “Lugano: Switzerland

  1. I love Switzerland so much! I used to have lots of busines trips there but it is so clean and fresh, and so incredibly serene, I always came back feeling as if I had been to a health spa!
    Your photos are lovely though I really think photos can’t properly do justice to a place like that.. do you agree?

    • Thank you so much. i will love to go back to Switzerland again and again. It is just a beautiful -place in every way.
      Definitely photos can’t do justice to the place. When you are there, even the air you breath is so fresh and beautiful that you don’t want to go anywhere else.

  2. It looks very beautiful and very expensive. Congratulations on one of your childhood wishes coming true.

  3. Beautiful pictures and love reading your travel posts.

  4. NIce account of Switzerland! I loved visiting Lugano and everywhere in North Italy. It is much different than the very south of Italy — economically and environmentally.

  5. I was reading along and thinking, didn’t she find any shopping opportunities?, and then I see that you did. Whew! 🙂

  6. Tee shirt weather alone is worth travel, what with us sliding toward winter. Perfect timing on the pics. 🙂

  7. Lovely pictures Girl.. your travel posts are making me plan a holiday soon…
    Every time we have annual leaves in hand, we use it by going to India.. From where do you get these many leaves??? 🙂

    • It is kind of similar for me as well but I try my best to fit other destination as well. We are stopping over in Thailand this time on our way to Nepal.

      I should say my job is quite good as they are flexible about leaves. But my husband’s job is like yours so we have to plan carefully to fit in all our holidays. My passion is to travel so I try my best to fit things in 🙂

  8. oops…I meant your “home” country not “hope” country…but I hope you win the lotto…lol

  9. Do you work…lol…I don’t think it was lake Lugano cause I don’t remember all the fancy shops…but there was a lake I visited in Switerland that had the most beautiful deep blue water I have ever seen. But I imagine…and I promise myself to get out there…that your hope country probably has the most spectacular nature beauty on the planet.

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