First look at the full Prabal Gurung for Target collection

If you are waiting as eagerly as I am for Prabal Gurung for Target collection, I am sharing  the preview of some pieces that are featured on website. For details and price please click here. Can’t wait till February 10 !!!

The collection is inspired by a girl’s journey through the different stages of love and the clothes she wears during each milestone, from the initial first crush all the way to the engagement.

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13 responses to “First look at the full Prabal Gurung for Target collection

  1. I love the colorful necklaces with flower designs.

  2. will target in australia be selling his range? really?

  3. I like the second, old conservative me!

  4. Lmao…give me a call and I will get u a ten percent discount…I stock all this shit at night for Target…lol

    • OMG I am so excited to know that you can give me a discount . If I have a choice I want to buy every piece from the collection. Let you know when the collection is out . Thanks a lot. 😀

      • LOL…fashionista indeed…AS better make some big coin…lmao…the Neiman M. collection flopped…I knew it would when I saw the items…which you must have since you probably have to order via the internet…the big box isn’t international yet.

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