Learn Nepali : Noun, people, feelings and emotions

Here are some noun, people, feelings and emotions in Nepali. Please click here to learn more Nepali.




Bato Road
Kotha Room
Khanna Food
Topee Hat
Manche Person
Pariwar Family
Pul Bridge
Gau Village
Ghar House
Jhola Bag
Mancheharu People
Dharma Religion
Des Country
Khola River
Mithai Sweets
Git Song
Chorachori Children
Bajar Market
Pasal Shop
Koseli Gift
Kitaab Book
Bideshi Foreigner




Aama / Buwa Mother / Father, but also friendly term men/women roughly in your parents generation
Didi / Bahini Older / Younger sister, but also friendly term used to refer to other women roughly in your generation
Dhai / Bhai Older / Younger brother, same as above
Nanu / Babu Young girl / boy child
Ma / Hami I / We
Tapaii You
Yo / Tyo This / That

Feelings and Emotions



Ma ______ lagyo / lagena. I feel / don’t feel ______.
Birami / sick Bhok / hungry
Raksi / drunk Thirkaa / thirsty
Khushee / happy Dukha / sad
Thakai / tired Alchee / lazy
Dar / scared Nindra / sleepy
Jaado / cold Garmi / hot

4 responses to “Learn Nepali : Noun, people, feelings and emotions

  1. This is so interesting. I am not going to learn very much but do enjoy checking out your posts! Thank you so much for reading and liking my posts! You are a very nice reader!

  2. Danyabaad for teaching

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