Guest Post : The Ancient City

One of my reader, Nadia Islam Nitul , visited Nepal recently and captured some amazing pictures. Thank you for sharing them here.

In the year 2012, I went to visit Nepal on a youth project of RYS( Religious Youth Service) . That time, I went to visit the ancient city in Kathmandu Valley:  Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

Bhaktapur also Bhadgaon or Khwopa, is an ancient Newar town in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. It is located in Bhaktapur District in the Bagmati Zone. It is the third largest city in Kathmandu valley and was once the capital of Nepal during the great Malla Kingdom until the second half of the 15th century.

Bhaktapur is listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO for its rich culture, temples, and wood, metal and stone artwork. It is the home of traditional art and architecture, historical monuments and craft works, magnificent windows, pottery and weaving industries, excellent temples, beautiful ponds, rich local customs, culture, religion, festivals, musical mystic and so on. Bhaktapur is still an untouched as well as preserved ancient city that is itself a world to explore for tourists.

Here are some photos from Kathmandu Valley.

Nepal (9) Nepal (10) Nepal (11) Nepal (12) Nepal (13) Nepal (14) Nepal (15) Nepal (16) Nepal (17) Nepal (18) Nepal (19) Nepal (20) Nepal (21) Nepal (22) Nepal01 (1) Nepal01 (2) Nepal01 (3) Nepal01 (4) Nepal01 (5) Nepal01 (6) Nepal01 (7) Nepal01 (8)

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17 responses to “Guest Post : The Ancient City

  1. Beautiful place and a must see country. I’m glad that they’re able to preserve their historical sites, culture and tradition despite of the many changes in our world today.

  2. thank you it been a pleasure to visit such a wonderful country with beautiful people specially i will mansion my friend rawmesh and sambhu. felling great i can capture some wonderful snaps 🙂

  3. Mahrin samdani

    Your captures have shown your true brilliance …….. Long live @Nadianitul nitul and her creations !!!!!

  4. Koushik Biswas

    It was my pleasure to be a part of that RYS project along with Nadia Nitul and some awesome guys.Talking about Bhaktapur,it is something like a canon Mark 3 with 70-300mm lens is not good enough to get it framed.Still nice work @Nadia Nitul.

  5. Breathtakingly beautiful – such a beautiful place, captured by an amazing talent!

  6. Great shots….ahh, takes me back

  7. I pray to god that I must get a chance to go to these places and i get that ganesh idol 🙂 its very very beautiful 🙂 the place is inviting and people looks too friendly and I am pretty sure I will make a trip to this place in near future 🙂

  8. Wow, what wonderful photos! And the sky is so blue! It has not been that blue since I arrived here. I cannot wait for the monsoon to be over – I had enough of the clouds.
    Great post Nadia!

  9. Beautiful. Wish I could vist. Maybe one day.

  10. How interesting and gorgeous are these photos! Hugs Paula xxx

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