In search of the perfect outfit part 1

I know the title of my post says part 1 because I know there will be more drama in regards to my search for the perfect outfit.

As you may have read on my posts before, I want to find something to wear on my brother in law’s wedding. I am already thinking about it because we have only a week before the wedding starts after we land in Kathmandu and there will be so many things to be done. I am thinking that if I can choose an outfit for the wedding now then I will be less stressed. Thus began my journey in search of the perfect outfit.

I know lots of you have been through the experience so I wrote a blog post to find out about good online stores. Thanks heaps to everyone who replied to my post. I feel like I have so many friends who were lending me their support to help me out with my first world problem.

Anyway, after going through what looks like 100’s of different websites and 1000’s of different sarees and lehengas, I decided that I will be using as my final stop. Two reasons for my decision

  • One they have 24/7 operator online support
  • They have heaps of stuffs on ready to ship category.

Of course, on the website, alone I liked many outfits but the decision came down on how soon they can ship the stuff. So after eating AS’s brain for two full day and asking how different lehengas and sarees look, over the weekend we finally ordered a lehenga . It was almost what I was looking for. After talking to the online representative I found out that it would be shipped 5 days later, after stitching the top and skirt to my specification. I was happy so I went online and  paid for it. It was a big relief that it would be in Sydney before I leave and now I had one less thing to worry about.

AS was super pleased as well as I was going to stop annoying him about my outfit question. He even was nice enough to help me take measurements so the top and bottom would fit me perfectly.

But as usual how can things go so smoothly for me.

I came to work on Monday morning and while checking the email, I got the following email from ustavfashion.

Dear M,,

With reference to your order for item lehenga, we wish to inform you that due to as shown design pattern we can provide you lehenga length 40 inch long., not any shorter.

We regret for the inconvenience caused.

It will be appropriate as per your height if you wear the same with 3-3.5 inch heels.


If you are not comfortable, then we request you to kindly choose any other item from the below link instead of cancelling your order:

We request you to check the item description by clicking on the read more options so that you can see the details of the item such as size and lehenga length.

Kindly advise.

If you require any further assistance then do let us know. We are looking forward to hear from you soon.


I was really annoyed because I had asked the online rep. about it and he had said, “you just chose your length and all will be fine.” There was nothing in the description on the limit. I didn’t want a length 4 inch longer than what it should be and wearing the lehenga that high up on the waist was a no no. I wanted something that would look good on me so this option was no go zone for sure now.

After going through their website again, and the pain of spending so much time again, I didn’t find anything I could order so finally decided to cancel the order. I told the online person as well as sent an email to cancel the order and refund the money.

They really wanted me to pick something else but I didn’t want to compromise so finally they emailed to say that they are going to refund the money. I am waiting for that to happen.

In the mean time now, I am without choice and back to square one again. So it is definitely the part 1 for my search and hope to keep you update on what happens next.

I have got a few nice website suggestions from you and I hope to find something soon.

Take care everyone ,

M from nepaliaustralian


16 responses to “In search of the perfect outfit part 1

  1. Dear M, Oodhni boutique at Kupondole and Newly shifted Swornim Rai creation are doing fab job here. They are classy, elegant still lavish looking for events like wedding. So, if u want may I ask on ur behalf? Gimme the deadline .

    • Thank you so much Shilu for offer. I am so happy that you offer your time to fix my first world problem. It is so sweet of you :). I did contact Oodhni few weeks ago and they told me their calender is full till 21st Feb which was so I believe they are even busier no w as it is wedding season.Also the other drawback is the lehengha I wanted to order was Rs 49,000 ($550) which is bit above my budget as well.I have to admit that they do a great job. I haven’t contacted the other boutique yet but I will right now. I will just simply ask them if they can make the outfit in a week for me.I need the lenhenga by 1st of March so not that long to go. If not I am making back up plan now so I will wear saree instead of lehengha for all the occasion.Keep you posted.Take care.

  2. The good thing is when you go to Kathmandu you can always get it fitted properly last minute. Looking forward to seeing your Lengha!

  3. i have never ordered anything online..but I heard there is a really good boutique in KTM called Oodne or something they do a great job.

    • I wanted to go there but they are busy and takes ages to be made. When I send a email, they told me that are booked out till 25th of February. Also one of my friends ordered lehengha costs her $35000 and she was not happy. That will be my last resort to find a boutique in Nepal who can make my lehengha in 7 days . Wish me luck.

  4. Outfits are supposed to cover your body, hide your flaws & enhance your beauty! That’s a daunting multitasking job. And imagine the challenge faced by the ones who design them and the nightmare of the significant other who are drafted to approve one for a special occasion!! I must admire your patience my friend for keep in it sane during such tough times and shifting the entire blame onto 40 inches!! Pardon my fashion ignorance but I see some long flowing dresses on red carpet that self sweeps the footprints of the wearer as the walk. So they too ended up with some surplus inches and somehow could not manage an alternative??
    (Summing up 15 years of frustrations as a “designated approver”)
    Please keep me posted, I am interested to see how this unfolds.

    • “Outfits are supposed to cover your body, hide your flaws & enhance your beauty” Where are you hiding man…Look around, the more flesh you sh ow, the better 🙂
      If I was a celebrity then I won’t have mind paying $500 to get a gown which is sweeping the floor wherever I go but being a commoner, I want to make sure the dress I buy can be worn more than once which means I need to like it :). Hence the decision to cancel the order. I am sure your wife been doing the same for you. Remember when we get married, these are small prints we don’t read before saying I do 🙂

      • 1) You’re no less than a celebrity to your fellow co-bloggers. Your posts are as awaited as a new release of a celebrity
        2) With friends like you around, trouble is only instigation away!! “Look around there’s lot of flesh!!” Trying to set me up with that? I may not be a practicing vegetarian, but my eyes have been trained to be a vegetarian (no flashing flesh permissible)

        • 1) Over the moon reading it but wish it was true :). Thank you for making my day.
          2) Hahaha, I am sure I and your wife know that men have wandering eyes. I don’t mind that at all as long as it is the only the eyes that wander around. I am sure you can’t close your eyes when a beautiful girl walks pass you.So quit the act mister as your wife is no fool 😀 😀 😀

  5. I had the same problem with utsavfashion and can confirm I got a refund within a week. Then I had a lehenga made in India which looks nothing like the photos they showed me and now I’m 10 days from my wedding and have no idea what I will wear. Oh the joys of being a woman!

    • OMG, my problem is nothing compares to yours then.Hope you will get something awesome in next few days so you can go ahead with your beautiful wedding. If you are in India , go out find something quick. Its your wedding so you have to get what you like. Good luck and keep me posted.

  6. M, I had the same problem for my sister’s wedding a few years ago, and I couldn’t find anything that fitted what I had in mind, so instead of buying a ready made item, I had a custom-made saree, specific to my own design, done in Nepal and sent over with couple of relatives.

    Suffice to say, everyone wanted my outfit!
    I wish you luck!

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