Ugly Vs ugli

AS teases me sometimes that I don’t know Nepali very well. I get annoyed because I find myself to be good in Nepali language but sometimes I do and say something to prove him right.

Normally we communicate in a mix of English and Nepal. I have to admit I can’t communicate in Nepal only but I try my best to talk in Nepali to prove him wrong.

While watching a movie,

Me: “ohoo tyo herion ta kasto ugly rahecha” (ohoo the actress is so ugly)

AS: “I like her, she looks alright”

Me:”I like her too but she is so ugly”

AS started laughing because he realised that I was trying to say ugli (tall in Nepali) but when mixed in an English sentence it sounded like ugly instead.

The pitfalls of speaking using two languages 😦

Please share your experience in this matter.

Take care everyone ,

M from nepaliaustralian


4 responses to “Ugly Vs ugli

  1. This totally surprised me! But for perspective, I can’t speak it at all. I’m language braindead. 🙂

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