Midi Magic

This article was published in +977 (a Nepalese Lifestyle Magazine in Australia) in March 2014 issue.

midi magic

Have you seen your mum’s or grandma’s old picture and noticed that the fashion they used to wear then are repeating and the midi is the must-have piece for 2014. It is feminine, flattering, and when styled in the right way, it is a beautiful modern take on a ’50s silhouette. Midi skirts, with a hemline which falls below the knee has been ignored for some time but women are rediscovering it and it can be worn to work, out at night, and on the weekends too .

Mid-calf hemline can be tricky to master, wear one that’s too short and you look squat, wear one that’s too long and you look like a bag lady. But it’s not impossible, and here are a few things to remember while buying midi and how to wear them.


Height makes a big difference on which midi to buy. If you are short, stick to a skirt that hits just below the knee. If you are tall, any length will do so long as it doesn’t go below your ankles.


 Length is everything. You can totally ruin the midi look if your skirt is just 2 inches too long or too short. Ideally, you want a midi to hit mid shin, where your leg begins to thin out. If a skirt hits at the thicker part of your leg, it will make you look stalky. If required, get it hemmed to an appropriate length.

 Perfect pairings

  • If you wear a bold colour midi, temper it with a neutral blouse.
  • For pleated or fuller options, keep the top simple.
  • Pair midi skirts with a feminine fitted tee or a pretty blouse in the same tone.
  • Pair your midi skirt with a polo tee for casual look.
  • Keep everything basic if you are wearing a statement skirt.
  • If you have a thin waist, add a lovely wide belt to your skirt.
  • Since every midi has a rather full skirt, keep it streamlined above the waist with a cropped jacket or a slim blouse.

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