Positive thinking

After the whinge on my post the day before, I did manage to go for a run though. The weather was still gloomy but it wasn’t raining so I went. I have to say I had a good run and only for last 5 minutes did it start sprinkling. The run sure made the rest of my day better.

I think generally I am a positive person and since AS came into my life, he has helped me to be even better. I really like the way he thinks most of the time and am glad to have his guidance when I am in confusion.

But I also learn one thing in life that it is so easy to be negative as positiveness need effort. I am saying it because I experienced that recently.

I was ignoring the negatives of certain situation for a while but then one day I couldn’t anymore which opened the Pandora’s Box. One thing led to another and I was drowning in negative feelings. Even AS’s best effort couldn’t save me this time as I was not able to let go. The ending was not good at all as it happened to be a waste of my time and energy in useless thoughts of ifs and what ifs. So I told myself that I will never do that again. I know I am saying never right now and it might happen in the future again but I am promising that at least I will try my best not to dwell in the past and think about things I can’t control and be sad about it.

Being positive or negative is like an addiction. When you have negative thoughts, you can go so deep into the negative attitude that it can make you really depressed. And that is the path I don’t want to go on if I can control it. In the same way positiveness is also addictive as well. When you are in a positive mood, it will take you deeper into a positive frame of mind that you are happy to let go, forgive and forget a lot.

Of course, I am not superhuman so I definitely will have different frames of mind every day but I’m trying to talk about the positive things and consciously trying my best to have positive attitude.

Therefore, if anyone has problems with me, that is his or her problem and I can’t do anything about it. I am not going to guess and make myself stressed thinking about why? If someone doesn’t want to see me and meet me, that is their loss as I will fill that time with others who want to see me. I have an amazing husband, supporting family and good job and it should keep me going. And I have this great place to vent my frustration with amazing support from each one of you that I think my life can’t be any better 🙂

With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”

Take care, everyone. Sending the positive vibe to each and every one out there…

M from nepaliaustralian



6 responses to “Positive thinking

  1. Over years, I’ve learned to honour what my intuitive side tells me. Put yourself in good situations. You’re on the right track.

  2. I think the quotes are very inspiring! I like it when a woman, like Lillian Vernon, is able to make it ahead in her area of work. I think it is style and jewelry….But anyway, hope you keep your chin up! You and AS have a great way of helping each other stay positive! Smiles, Robin

  3. Hang on girl, it happens to everyone but you have a great attitude and thumbs up for that 🙂

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