Exercise makes you feel better

Today’s post is dedicated to everyone who has been procrastinating their exercise especially to those in the Southern hemispheres where it has been raining for weeks now and is so cold that it is easy to find an excuse not to exercise.

I have a close colleague/friend at work with who I go out for lunch or a walk frequently. For more than 6 months now, I have been nagging her to exercise with me during our lunch breaks. As I mentioned in my post before, I have been exercising regularly during lunch breaks now which means I see her less often and I miss our catch-ups and chats.

I knew she was not a runner but she loves swimming so I was asking her to come with me to swim a few days a week since summer started last year.

She had many excuses like. “I will be too tired after an exercise”, “Our lunch breaks are not long enough”, “I don’t have a proper swimwear”, “I promise I will come soon, not today” and many more. Finally, to my surprise when I came back from my holiday, she told me she got her swimsuit and was ready to go with me. I was happy that my constant nagging finally paid off.

So today, we went for a swim together. We had a nice chat on the way there and back. We swam in the indoor heated pool so she was fine. It was quite relaxing to be away from work and enjoying the lunch break. We had enough time to have a shower and be back at our desks in an hour. We both enjoyed it.

Birthday (12)

We decided that we will go twice a week together and I was happy with that. I came to my desk, had my lunch and continued with my work. Just now, she came to my desk and asked what I am doing during lunch tomorrow. She felt so relax after the swim today that she wants to do it more often now.

I am so glad to hear that from her. I am glad I kept pushing her until she went with me and now she wants to continue swimming regularly. But unfortunately I have already planned a lunch date with one of my friends tomorrow but I am going swimming with her the day after. She is now happy to go as many days as possible.

I am sharing this here because some of you might be in the same boat planning to workout but need that extra push and I am, virtually, pushing you to get up and exercise and keep yourself healthy. Without a healthy body, nothing else matter.

6 responses to “Exercise makes you feel better

  1. OMG my friend and I went on a swimming exercise date also! It was so much fun and it was a work out!
    I totally agree, I exercise daily to feel better and it feels good. I have suffered from postpartum anemia, so I often feel too tired to exercise. But then I read that exercise actually HELPS anemia with increasing the blood. So adding exercise has really helped my energy level! And I sleep better too!

  2. Exercise does make you feel better! I prefer to do yoga immediately after I wake up-that way my day goes better. I do like how you have got into the culture of Sydney and exercise during your lunch breaks!

  3. I try to do my stretches every morning but if I’m in a rush and don’t exercise then I really feel lousy and sluggish in the afternoon.

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