Say cheese with a stranger

Imagine, you are outside somewhere minding your own business and out the blue a stranger comes and says “Do you mind if I take a photo with you?”

Does it sound strange to you? Yap I had the same feeling when it happened to me quite a few times in India. If it had been just once I would have ignored it but it happened quite a few times so I am thinking I may look like someone famous in India ;).

I have experienced this a number times and I didn’t know what to do so I agreed.

The first time was when I was visiting Delhi with my parents.

We were visiting the famous Fatehpur Sikri in Agra in India and we were minding our own business when this group of boys came and asked if I would mind taking photos with them. For a second I was confused but then I agreed. It happened again on the same trip when we were in Jaipur admiring the amazing architecture when a young couple wanted to take a photo with me. Of course, I smiled for the photos.

Both my parents and I were confused when it occurred twice in a few days. However, I forgot all about it completely until a few years later when we went to Tiger Hill in Darjeeling. It was a cold winter morning and everyone was trying to get the best spot to see the sunrise. There were hundreds of people there including my parents and I. A group of boys asked if I wanted to be in a photo with them. As it was so busy, I was slightly confused in the beginning but I agreed later on.

Just to be clear I was wearing normal cloths while these incidents occurred and I was not in a superwomen custom or a chicken suit. 🙂

New Caledonia (13)

I am writing it about it now after so many years because similar situation occurred in Kathmandu this time. I was in the mall with one of my friends. We were busying browsing the shops when two young gals came to us and asked if they could take a photo with us. They looked sweet and all so we agreed. I was just curious why they asked so once we were done, I asked them. They looked at each other for a second and then one of them told us that she just loved the way I looked and the things I was wearing; the other one added, you look so nice. That really made me smile for sure. I know it sounds so vain but it feels great to be complimented even by a stranger.

But to this day I still wonder why the people in India decided to take a pic with me.

lehenga (1)

When I talked to AS about it, he made fun of me but I am allowed to be curious so if anyone thinks they know the answer, I am all ears 🙂

carnival spirit (2)

Just a thought bouncing around in my head today. Hope all of you are having a great day. Take care.

13 responses to “Say cheese with a stranger

  1. I have had this happen both times I’ve been in Delhi and also at the Taj Mahal. The most recent time I was in Delhi I went to India Gate with about 50 of my husband’s family members and they were all taking pictures with me. As the family took pictures, a group of guys started lining up as though they were next to take a picture with me. We ignored them and they eventually went away. At Taj Mahal we told people no and they still took pictures with their camera phones. I find it really strange to take pictures with somebody you don’t know, unless they are famous!

    • That sounds so funny and I do understand your point. For me I saw them as harmless , especially the couple who was just lovely. I guess it depends on how they look on how you react as well 🙂

      • Oh yeah, I definitely understand from your perspective that it was a flattering experience and the girls were very sweet to you. I just seem to always attract the creepy men! 🙂 The first time I was in Delhi I went to Qutab Minar with my boyfriend (now husband) and his nephews, we asked a man to take a group photo and after he took the picture he said, “ok, my turn now!” Haha, uhm no.

  2. I have got it in Delhi too, all from women, thank god. I think it is sweet. I would be creeped out if it was a guy. LOL

  3. I think they find you attractive M 🙂

  4. I sometimes feel people ‘attract’ other’s eyes, feelings and sometimes it is a ‘familiar’ feeling and sometimes, like you, it is due to your incredible inner light and beauty. I take it as a compliment to You, that others wish to have photos taken with you. Enjoy and continue to be happy and honored! Smiles, Robin

  5. I had the same thing happen to me in the early 70s when I was first dating my husband. He lived in Niagara Falls at the time and we were down by the falls when a couple of Japanese tourists asked if they could have their picture taken with me. I had very long blond hair at the time but I wasn’t wearing anything remarkable or revealing. My husband still teases me about that day. He likes to tell people that somewhere in Japan a young man at the time was showing his friends pictures of his Canadian girlfriend.

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