Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ Nepal

I am sure you have heard the ‘Happy’ song by Pharell Williams and the video clip which features happy people doing happy things which has been really popular.

Since its original video has been out, people all over the word have been doing their own versions of the song and I am sharing the Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ Nepal version here. I liked it as it shows different places in Kathmandu and people of all ages.


While we are talking about Nepal, let me also share another great video that will make you want to drop everything and go to Nepal . If you have not already, hope after watching this video, you will.

4 responses to “Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ Nepal

  1. vanessalovespostcards

    Aww love the video! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing, I never get tired of seeing these being made. Beautiful!

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