Nappy Cake

As I have written before there are many kids around us right now. Recently a friend of mine had a baby girl and it added to a long list of kids my friends and family have.

Anyway, we are invited to the nwaran of this baby and I did not know what to get her. Finally I decided to do a nappy cake and with the help of AS I was able to do this.

It took a few attempts and I took the help of YouTube video but it was very easy and I am glad with the end result.

nappy cake for girl

To make sure the nappy cake stands tall, we used a cardboard roll in the middle. I also used blankets and baby dress I had bought in the middle of the bottom layer so I used fewer nappies to make the circle.

nappy cake

As it is a girl, I decorated it with a pink ribbon and a flower made out of the ribbon.

I didn’t documents each step as I wasn’t sure about how it would end up but I will be doing this again next time if anyone of my friends or family will has a baby as it is super easy and looks really nice.

Please share you tips and tricks for my next attempt 🙂

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


4 responses to “Nappy Cake

  1. Turned out great! My aunt gave me one for my baby shower. It is one of the most useful gifts, because you go through diapers so fast!

  2. It turned out so cute! Good job

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