FIFA World Cup fever

Unless you are hiding far far away from civilization I am sure you know that FIFA World Cup Football is here and we are so excited. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Here is the official song for the cup.

Today is the first day of the game and the opening ceremony was held in the 62,600-capacity stadium Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo before guests which included Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and embattled FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

The pre-match extravaganza starred pop superstar Jennifer Lopez, who performed the tournament’s official song, We Are One, with Brazilian songstress Claudia Leitte and rapper Pitbull.

Here are some colourful photos from the ceremony

This morning we woke up to watch the game but not at 4am. We missed most of the opening ceremony but I got to watch 70% of the game.

The first half we watched at home, getting dressed and having breakfast. At half time, we ran to the car but it took me more than 30 minutes to get to work. Therefore, I missed the Brazilโ€™s second goal but was glad to watch rest of the game. The last few minutes were so exciting and the environment in the stadium was amazing. One of the items on my bucket list is to definitely watch a world cup live in the stadium.

Unfortunately being so far from Brazil, the games will air here very early, 4am and 7am so I am not sure how many games we are gonna watch. But it still will be a great month full of excitement and adrenaline rush. I am supporting Australia, Argentina and Brazil for this Cup.

Hope all of you are enjoying the game. My Facebook is flooded with posts about the world cup. I found this status and found it funny so sharing with you all. Glad we both are into the game so AS doesnโ€™t have to put this on his status ๐Ÿ™‚

Dear Sweetheart,

The FIFA World Cup is close by, so let me give you a few rules that will help both of us during the months of June and July.

  1. The TV remote control belongs to me for the whole month, no Magic Movie or Soap Opera this time around.
  2. Tell all your friends not to give birth or wed on any of the days of the world cup because we won’t attend.
  3. You must support the teams that I support or you use a sleeping pill while the match lasted.
  4. No talking during the game, wait for half time or end of the match.
  5. Repeats and highlights are as good as the main match, so I’m gona watch them too.
  6. We can watch movies/home videos provided actors/actresses are wearing football jersey and they are in Brazil.
  7. You don’t just pass in front of the TV if am watching any match, you better freeze where you are or crawl on the floor, I know you are beautiful, there is no need for beauty parade @ this crucial period, wait till July 14 please
  8. Make sure you don’t ask annoying questions such as “is this Arsenal vs England?”. Since it is not “Who wants to be a millionaire” I won’t bother to answer.
  9. No funny faces to my friends when they come to watch a match with me.
  10. Food must be ready 20 minutes before every crucial match particularly that of the Super Eagles.
  11. Smile every time EXCEPT when my team is losing OR ELSE!!!

May God help us.

If you are not into soccer but your partner is, please let them slack off for the next four weeks. He/She will love you for that forever ๐Ÿ™‚

Please let me know which team you are supporting and may the best team win.

P.S: Today is Friday the 13th so please watch out everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

19 responses to “FIFA World Cup fever

  1. Sid Dunnebacke

    M, that facebook post is hilarious. I’m supporting Colombia first and foremost, after that I’m wide open (just not the USA). Hoping you and AS are enjoying the matches!

  2. In Germany most of the peoples watsching TV for Football. Me tooo…….On monday Germany will start the matsch…..:) ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. “Unless you are hiding far far away from civilization….” or unless you live in United States of America. It sucks to be living in the US around this time, especially if you are not living in LA, New York or some other big cities. No one watches world cup around here. People don’t even talk about it. I have started walking around in soccer jerseys since last week and all I get is crazy stares from people.

    At least the US TV commentary and coverage has gotten lot better compared to last two world cups. In 2006, I would occasionally put my TV volume on mute just to avoid these stupid commentaries during the game. They would say, “Oh Italy beat France in the final and USA tied Italy in the group stage, that means USA could have easily beaten France” or something like that.To sum up my rant, here is a facebook status of one of my friends:

    An American commentator in ESPN, “its like our super bowl..” Dude, really? No. This is world’s the biggest sporting event! Grow up!

    • You made me laugh ๐Ÿ˜€, I am sure you have odd football fan around. Did u watch the game this morning?The Holland Vs Spain was great and I wish Australia has scored few more goals.

      Which team are you supporting?

      • I watched a part of the second half. Still had time for two goals. It was an amazing game for Holland. Australia played well too and they could have made it 2-2. But i am rooting for holland and chile from that group, so i didn’t want socceroos to take anything out of that game (sorry i can’t help you here). They are very unlucky to be placed in such a tough group. Funny thing is there are so many teams i love but there aren’t any that i hate. Oh well, that’s what happens when you are a club football fan. Anyway, I am rooting for brazil to win it all.

        • We feel sorry for Australia too, such strong teams in the group that there is less change for us to go to next round unless there is a miracle but I have to say Australia is playing well , much better than we had hoped ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad Argentina won this morning but the game was not that good. I think they could have done better but still won :D. You need to pick a team when there is a game and it is much more fun.Me and hubby pick a team each in every game and it so much fun to cheer for your team :). Unfortunately I picked England and he picked Italy the other day and I lost ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but was still exciting while the game lasted.

    • We aren’t big soccer fans here, mainly because there are other sports well entrenched, for instance the baseball Red Sox in New England. I wouldn’t be too harsh on us for being different.

      In college, my roommie was the goalie for our school team, and an All-American – what we call our all stars. I enjoyed the game at that level, but my real passion is with baseball and basketball, the same way soccer is for you.

      • I can completely understand. Australia was like that 5 years back but since last few World cups, soccer has picked up here and it is so much fun now as most of us watch it and that is the topic of conversation everywhere :). Enjoy your baseball and basketball.

  4. I’ll go for Spain.

  5. It’s more fun when no. 3 is false ๐Ÿ˜‰ and that may lead to no. 11 being even more fun.
    No. 10 is hard because who wants to cook when highlights are on? I guess it’s going to be a month of junk food for us.

  6. This is an excellent post and I learned a lot reading about the Event! My youngest daughter was a soccer player and will be watching this all the time, until it is over! Smiles, Robin

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