Croissant with Nutella

I am sure you have been reading about me trying my fight against the cold weather, keeping up my exercise routine and making sure I don’t put on any weights during the lazy season. Things were working good so far.

I have been swimming twice a week and walking/running 2-3 times a week.

Birthday (12)

Even though I am cooking a bit heavy meals like couscous, momo, aloo paratha or fried rice, I was making sure that I am not over eating. And my body is still doing good, with no extra weight gain.

But in the last two days, I think I have undone all the good I was working so hard for the last 6 weeks.

It has been really cold last few days and the rain did not help. After a long time, yesterday, I didn’t feel like having my regular oats in the morning so I decided to get something else for a change.

I ordered a chocolate croissant but unfortunately they didn’t have one. They offered to toast a plain croissant and spread Nutella in it. As I had never tried that so I agreed but it was a big mistake.

It was just delicious. I think toasting it made a big difference. I really enjoyed it.

Today being a bad girl, I skipped my healthy breakfast again for croissant with Nutella.

It is highly recommended as it is so yummy but be aware as it is too addictive.

Have you tried it before? Do you have any food addiction?

Do share your guilty pleasure and take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


15 responses to “Croissant with Nutella

  1. This combination is soooo underrated. I just finished off my second toasted croissant with nutella and figured I would google ‘nutella croissant’ to see if anyone else has discovered this tummy-pleaser.

    You want to take it up a notch? After I cut it in half and then slap it in the toaster, I spread the nutella on one half, and then I take a glass of milk, put a straw in it, then put my finger on the straw to draw up some of the milk, and I then hover it on top of the side with nutella, and drizzle 5-8 drops. I then place the other half on top, squish it down a little with my hand, and then drizzle another 5-10 drops. Then I cut it in half, and it’s way better. Don’t knock it til you try it.

  2. We (naughty ones) all need to have treats sometimes! When I think of how we exercise and diet, I like to ‘reward’ myself. But sometimes I can find healthy rewards, too! Yogurt or a piece of fruit can sometimes help my sweet tooth to be satisfied! Smiles, Robin

  3. I like Nutella and would enjoy it on a warm croissant! I have a big ‘sweet tooth!’ I would skip my good and healthy breakfast if I had other choices in my home. I usually buy only one croissant at a bakery or two donuts at the different places that I like to buy them. If my girlfriend and I go out for ice cream, that is one of my only treats during the week! I love the fact you are trying hard, many efforts being made. keep up the good work and don’t worry, everyone will break their diet, sometime or other!

    • Glad that I am not the only naughty one :). I have been tempted for mars ice cream for a while now so might buy them on the weekend :). Doing my best with exercise and food but can’t help myself sometimes.

  4. I am not allowed to have Nutella in the house or I eat the whole jar. *hangs head in shame*

  5. Oh that does sound good. I can not keep nutella in the house I eat it way to fast! Good job on keeping up the exercise, winter is hard to be motivated.

  6. I love Nutella a lot but never try with croissant, it looks soooo good!! thx for sharing I must try some ;P

  7. umm I love croissant..should try this. I’m a foodie so love almost everything..I get mad cravings for authentic newari food…n my guilty pleasure is Rafaello..u just can’t have one..

  8. My addictions are in the realm of Indian food. And, steak

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