The weekend away with amazing photos

The weekend we went to Snowy Mountain, we stayed in a remote cabin in front of a lake and there were wild animals everywhere. We saw kangaroos, wallabies, rabbits, wombats, different kinds of birds and it was just amazing. The only drawback was there was no reception for the phone. It might be a plus point if you are thinking to have a good time with loved ones without any distraction.

AS Photography (1)

We really enjoyed our stayed there and AS was able to capture some amazing photos of the place. I’m sharing some of my favourite ones here.

AS Photography (2) AS Photography (3) AS Photography (4) AS Photography (5) AS Photography (6) AS Photography (7) AS Photography (8) AS Photography (9)

There was bird seeds placed in each room so we took ours and went to feed the birds. They were so used to humans that one of them even landed on my head and another was happy to perch on my hand to eat the seeds from my palm.

birds (1) birds (2)

During our way back, we stopped at a small town called Adaminaby where there was big trout. So here is my pic kissing the fish, of course it was AS’s idea and photography.

AS Photography (10)

Take care ,

M from nepaliaustralian


2 responses to “The weekend away with amazing photos

  1. this sounds like a great place for a vacation.

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