Bringing Nepal to our home

When I was young and naive, I had planned to build a nice Nepalese architecture style house in Sydney. I wanted to buy land and bring craftsmen from Nepal to construct this dream home.

I wanted to use wooden Nepalese style windows and doors. Make every part of the house as Nepali as possible.

I also wanted a garden with a pagoda and dunga dhara (stone water feature). I still want to make it one day if I win a lottery but for the time being I need to dream a little smaller.

When we bought our place here in Sydney, it didn’t have anything Nepalese; it was a modern building with modern interior. Still I wanted people to get a feel of Nepal when they visit our place so we tried our best to bring Nepal into our living room.

When people visit us, the first thing they notice will be a big oil painting. The painting is of a landscape of Nepal with mountains, hills, village style house and everything Nepalese.

It is around 5 feet by 3 feet. There is a long story behind the painting. It took us a while in Nepal to find the painting and we are glad that we managed to get it. We brought it from Nepal but got it framed in here.

The next thing they will notice are two Nepalese handmade carpets in the dining area and living area. We were really lucky to get these carpets.

our home (7)

When we were in Nepal, we looked for the carpets for a month and we could not find anything we liked. Most of them were too multicoloured and too modern for our liking. We wanted a typical Nepalese design and we were hugely disappointed. Luckily, we went to do this trade fair and the first shop we went to had these carpets and we got them right away. It was just a few days before we left. For me, these carpets were love at first sight. 🙂

our home (2)

We also have a large statue of Goddess Tara displayed on one side of the TV cabinet.

our home (6)

On the TV table, I also have a statue of Buddha and the supari from our wedding.

our home (5)

On the buffet table, I have a statue of standing Budda and two panas.

our home (1)

I also got the window valance custom made in Nepal. It is not really Nepalese style but I like it.

our home (4)

I still have a few things planned to make the room more Nepalese but I am happy with the outcome.

What do you think of my Nepalese collection :)?Please share what did you bring from your heritage to your home?

Take care ,

M from nepaliaustralian



13 responses to “Bringing Nepal to our home

  1. Namaste,
    Amazing post, if you need to put some Thangka paintings on your wall feel free to contact us!

  2. Dear Sir,Madam
    Is it possible that you do not put that painting of mountain annapurna range with village,bridge and river in your page please. BECAUSE many they trying to copy and sell at next door here in nepal.We made this painting.PLEASE.
    Regards B R shrestha
    Nirvana Art Gallery ,9851027139

  3. wow.. you brought the valance all the way from nepal! wasn’t it too heavy?

  4. Hi M, I love the rugs and the statues. 🙂 I’m a clown collector and have many other ornaments. Nearly all my friends are minimalists and have modern homes. I think the things you have are important and give a home personality and life. Hugs Paula xxx

  5. This is so precious, and I am so happy that you have found some parts of your culture, bringing Nepal into your home in Australia! I hope you may get your dreams fulfilled, but you have a wonderful partner and husband, along with some beautiful items to help you feel good, after you have been away, to come home to! Home is where the heart is! Smiles, Robin

  6. That’s a beautiful painting you have there M…I have couple of paintings of himalayas and villages and a khukuri too..what I would really love is painting of temples, alleys (chowk) and jatras of Kathmandu..will have to find some when I go back home.
    Nepal’s architecture is incredible, love the wood carvings, tiki jhyaa and dhunge dhara.
    I hope you can build your dream home.😀.

    • Thank you gal. I wanted more paintings as well but most of the one they sell are small. I really wanted a big one and it took a while to get this one . They have beautiful alleys ones in small sizes. Go to Mangal bazaar or Thamel and you will find what you want. If you have time(4- 6 weeks) most of them also can paint one for you according to your instructions. 🙂
      When my dream home is done, you will be invited for sure 🙂

  7. Love everything on this post. Wish you’ll get closer to your dream everyday.

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