Our Story : AS in Sydney – Part 27

This is a continuation of my previous posts. Please read the previous posts here.

The most important day of my life was finally here and I was super excited. Even though I didn’t sleep for the whole night, I was super fresh and happy. It was as if I was in love all over again and when love is in your system you can’t help but smile. I was feeling so good, I was laughing at myself.

I had bought a few gifts for AS and made a scrapbook of our time together as a gift. The scrape book contained all the important dates as well as photos and other memorabilia we had collected in our relationship. It took a long to make it but I was pleased with the result.

The gifts I bought were random like dressing gown in blue, cologne, chocolates, and a book among other things. I was so confused on what to buy that I got whatever I thought is useful at the time.

He was to land at 11 am so I made sure that a nice lunch was ready. I got ready and headed to the airport and the excitement of coming back with AS was making me feel so good. Seriously, the feeling was something so different and so happy that I even cried at one point because of happiness. I had never done that before and it was my first experience with happy tears.

I was contemplating what I should take for him when I picked him up at the airport. I was thinking flowers and balloons but it seemed too cliché so at the end I decided to let all his surprise wait for him at home. All I wanted to give him was a big hug and hold his hand on the ride back.

At Sydney airport, there seemed to be hundreds of people waiting for someone at the terminal. As I checked the board, his plane hasn’t landed yet so I patiently waited in one corner of waiting area. After around 15 minutes wait, I decided to grab a hot chocolate and again checked the monitors for his flight information. By then, his plane has landed and it seemed that my heart was almost coming out of my body.

After that I could not sit at all and I became really impatience. I was walking up and down keeping an eye on the exit doors. As there are multiple doors I moved from one end to another just in case he didn’t see me. It was another 45 minutes before I saw him coming out of the exit pushing his cart. He was looking for me among the crowd.

As soon as I saw him I ran towards him and gave him a big hug. We were there for a while until someone asked us to move his trolley out of the way. We did move to the side of the exit and hugged again before anyone of us started talking. Both of us had a big grin on our faces when we exited the airport hand in hand.

The ride from the airport to the house was short but I was so happy to hold his hand for the whole time. Once we were in the house when he opened the door, I was glad to see his face because there was surprise waiting for him.

It said “Welcome to Sydney” and all the gifts I bought for me. He seemed to be pleased and I was glad he loved it. We went through the scrapbook together and he opened his gifts. He smiled at what I had got for him and told me that I was very thoughtful. He said he got something for me but would give it to me later after he unpacked.

I couldn’t care less about the gifts at that stage as I was in cloud 9 as I was able to touch him now, not just see him on Skype.

I let him refresh and rest. When he was ready, we had lunch together. He praised my cooking (I was not that great then) and ate everything I put on his plate. I was happy just to watch him eat and I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

Finally, I could breathe normally as we were together forever from then on. I thanked God for being so kind to us and making sure we are together in each other’s arm.

 I will be writing more about our life in Sydney next. Please come back and read them.

Till then take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


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