Our Story : Our life in Sydney – Part 28

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Once AS was in Sydney, I took a few days off so I could take him around and show him the place I now call home. It was a great feeling for him to visit the places I always talked about and meet my friends for the first time. They were all so pleased for us as most of them knew how long we had been waiting to be together. He arrived in Sydney in spring so it was just perfect weather-wise as well.

Sydney (3)Sydney (4)Sydney (1)Sydney (2)

Whenever I had time, I took him to the city, gave a tour of the iconic Opera house and Harbour Bridge as well as Darling Harbour and Queen Victoria Building. We were like love birds holding hands, walking together and on a date night every night. We also enjoyed the beautiful beaches around Sydney.

Sydney (11) Sydney (12)

I really wanted to take time off from work until AS got a job but it was practically impossible so I went back to work after a week. However, I made sure that I left really early so I could get home early to AS. He kept himself busy with job hunting and Skyping with family and friends when he was alone.

Sydney (13) Sydney (8) Sydney (7) Sydney (6)

Everything was looking brighter and happier in my life since AS’s arrival. I enjoyed everything more and it was so much fun when we went to my friend’s wedding parties. Now I was not in a single’s table with strangers who I did not know. We also went to games, open air cinema and whatever was on during the summer. We made the most of our time together and celebrated our love every possible moment.

Sydney (5) Sydney (10) Sydney (9)

I knew that my life had taken a different turn and would never be same again.

After a few months of arrival, AS got his first job in Sydney and it was another happy occasion for us. Before AS decided to move to Sydney, one of the other option had been to see if I could move to US. But AS knew that I had a good job in Sydney and it was fairly new so he was happy to try Sydney out.

Even though we agreed about this decision happily, deep inside I was a bit worried what would happen if AS didn’t get a proper job in his field and until he got the job that fear was always there. It was a huge relief when AS called me at work one afternoon to tell me that he got a call from the HR or the company he had applied to let him know that he got the job as QA Engineer and would be starting from next week.

That evening when I got back home, we took my brother and SIL to a restaurant to celebrate. It was definitely a big milestone in our life because I knew from that moment on, our life would be fine and we would be a normal couple. Also getting a job so quickly meant, it had made AS feel comfortable in the new environment among new people.

I am sure it was not an easy decision for AS to leave everything behind and move thousands of miles just to be with me. I always thank him for taking that big step and now I can’t think of our life any other way.

I always believe that your dreams will come true and mine was unfolding in front of my eyes every day after AS arrival.

More in the next post. Till then take care everyone.

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