Sleeping in

I know sleeping-in during the weekends might be something you all must look forward to but it is something I wish I could do for a long time. I wake up between 6:00 am and 6:30 am during weekdays and my body is like an alarm clock and wakes up before 7am even in the weekend no matter what time I go to bed. I try my best to stay in bed after I wake up but it just doesn’t work for me no matter what I do. This is the reason I try to go to bed on time even on weekends.

I know going to bed and getting up at the same time each day will help to keep us feeling good and performing well. However, sometimes I wish I could sleep in too, just for the novelty of it. Most of the mornings, AS will be sleeping when I wake up on Saturdays and Sundays morning and I get jealous of him.

I try not to disturb him so I will either go for a run or try to do something else until he wakes up. I have to admit I do wake him up if he doesn’t wake up by 8 am sometimes. It might sound cruel of me but there are times I am so bored that I need company.

Last weekend we had to go to a birthday on Saturday. I always like to go to parties where I dress up in traditional sari. Even though we didn’t go out during the day, it took me a while to be ready. You know, it’s a woman thing, hair, makeup, sari and accessories can take heaps of time.


Anyway, we had a good time at the party and were home back a bit late, not too late though. We went to bed straight away when we came home as I was really tired.

The next morning, I woke up. When I turned around, AS was awake (that was a bit of a surprise for a weekend) so I asked him what the time was. He answered 10am and I couldn’t believe my ears.

I think I haven’t slept in till 10am since forever even when I went to bed at 3am so I was really happy that I finally did. I felt good and fresh. I wished I could do that more often (fingers crossed).

But sleeping in on weekends doesn’t seem like a great idea this morning when I couldn’t wake up like normal today. Both of us were running around like headless chicken getting ready this morning. Feeling a bit tired and not fresh at all today 😦 .

Hope all of you had a good weekend and no dramas with your sleep.

Do let me know your sleeping patterns for the weekends and some suggestion if you know how I can fix my tried body today.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


13 responses to “Sleeping in

  1. That is a good idea and the right spirit! You get more out of the day by getting up earlier. I appreciate how you told me this, since that makes up for how sleepy I feel when I get up every day at the same time. I must remember the positives of getting up early. Smiles!

  2. My weekends, I like to sleep a little bit later in the morning, but like you I have an inner alarm clock! I am excited that you enjoyed a party, came home and slept until 10! It is nice to break out of routines! Do you get up later on vacations? I tend to sleep like a baby at my Mom’s past my normal wake up time. I like how you said, “headless chickens,” when referring to getting up on time but running late… funny stuff here!

  3. Ditto M.. I wake up on my usual time even on weekends & PK can sleep till very late on weekends. Jealous!! 😛
    You look pretty in that sari girl.
    Even when I get ready I need whole day, washing drying hair, make-up, arranging bangles and jewellery, finding matching sandals and then next day re-arranging everything back into my traditional wear wardrobe!! so much we girls do to get ready 😀 😀

  4. Oh I’m the same too..I can’t sleep in on weekends no matter how much I try..but I can’t keep my eyes past 10pm even on weekends..
    when you feel tired, squeeze fresh lemon in cold water with some honey and dash of refreshes your body and awakens the soul ☺️

  5. that saree looks gorgeouss….and about sleeping, its weird how i wake up at the same time on both weekdays and weekends – i hate it when that happens on weekend.

    • Thanks you Dixya, the Saree is courtesy one of the boutique in Kupondole :). I wish there is something we could do during weekends when we could sleep in and our body wakes up only when we want to.

  6. Good for you, M! My problem is that the medication I’m taking makes me very sleepy, so if I take it too late in the evening, I’ll be sleepy all next morning. But, much of the time, I’m like you – I wake earlier than I need to. Don’t know about how to change sleeping patterns, though. Maybe a glass of wine at night? 🙂

  7. Is that you in a sari? It suits you!

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