Update time

I have been super busy lately because of Dashian and because AS’s Mama (Mum’s brother) and his family is in Sydney visiting from Nepal.

Dashain (18)Dashain (17)

AS usual, Dashain is already a crazy busy time for us but this time it was busier as we needed to go and visit his mama as well as invite them to our place.

Dashain (7)

Even thought it was busy we still had a great time and I am still tired from the celebration. We had Bhoj (feast) for 5 days straight , played cards and heaps of celebration. Here are some pics from this year Dashain.

Dashain (2) Dashain (3) Dashain (1) Dashain (11) Dashain (12) Dashain (4) Dashain (14) Dashain (10) Dashain (6) Dashain (5) Dashain (16)Dashain (13)

Last weekend was also a long weekend here, so we were able to spend some time with Mama and his family.

Dashain (9) Dashain (8)

One day we went to the temple and a picnic afterwards and another day we went to the city.

Picnic (6) Picnic (7) Picnic (5) Picnic (3)  Picnic (2)Picnic (4) Picnic (1) Mandir

We are hoping they will have great time here and return with beautiful memories.

Dashain (15)

On another news, my in-laws will be here soon (in 10 days) so our Tihar is gonna be super busy as well. I am excited and scared at the same time. I have lived with my in-laws before but for only a short period but this time it will be three months.

I know me and AS have been so independent for so long that it will be nice to have them at home when we go home from work. However, at the same time, I am slightly scared thinking how they will feel in a new place with new people.

We have a long list of places to go and things to do while they are here. If you have any ideas about how to keep them entertained while we are at work that will be highly appreciated. We will be taking time off from work here and there but they will still have many days at home without us.

That is the reason, I am a bit scared as I want them to enjoy Sydney and have lots of good memories when they return. It is the first time for them here so I would love them to have a great time in very possible way so they will want to come back again in the future.

I have a million things going on in my head every time I think of their arrival but I am keeping an open mind and hoping for the best.

Hope everyone had good Dashain and weekend.

Take care everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian


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11 responses to “Update time

  1. Great pictures! I miss the bhoj’s of Bangladesh – I can imagine they’re amazing in Nepal too! 🙂

  2. I love your posts and enjoyed seeing you and your husband. His t-shirt has a fun attitude and you look beautiful in your bright pink wrapped dress! Smiles and enjoy your travels and adventures!

  3. Wonderful photos!
    Good luck with your in-laws, I am sure they will have a fabulous time!! xxx

  4. Hey Girl,
    Same pinch my in laws are visiting me tomorrow.I am excited as well as scared.In order to keep them entertained I have ordered Live TV where you can find Inidan channels.It will help them to keep occupied when we are busy with our jobs.May be you can also order live Tv.
    I will surely share my stories.
    Keep writing

  5. The food looks amazing and people look happy! I’m curious about the first picture. What is it? All the best with planning for your in laws coming. I visited Sydney ages ago but as a tourist, I really enjoyed the aquarium, Opera House, the (an) art gallery, and wandering the CBD. There was a big sort of indoor market?? Can’t recall the details!

    • The photo is of Jamara (barley shoots), green one which we use for celebration and the red thing is mixture of rice, yougurt and sindoor ( vermilion) which we put on our head as tika.
      Sydney is a nice place to visit for sure and the market you referring is Paddy’s market. Hope you will come again.

      • How interesting! Thanks much for filling me in. And thanks for the reminder, too about the market name! I hope to come again too and bring hubby and baby. Hubs has never been that far south. 😀

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