Our Story : Hen’s night – Part 35

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Before I left for Kathmandu, I went for an evening out with some of my friends to celebrate my last few days of being a Bachelorette. I didn’t want something that could go out of control so we decided just to go out for dinner and drinks.

Hen's Party (1)

I went and bought a nice designer dress for the occasion, a pleated blue dress. All my friends wore black. We also bought a sash with a “Bride to be” written on it and badges for everyone with “Warning, Hen Party Member”. We picked a Spanish restaurant where they have dance in the evening.

Hen's Party (2)

We started the night with a drink, Sangria. It was amazing and the drinks just kept coming. Sangria normally consists of wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener, and a small amount of added brandy. It was followed by awesome tapas dinner.

Hen's Party (3) Hen's Party (4) Hen's Party (7) Hen's Party (11)

As soon as we finished the dinner, the fun started. There were songs and dancing and they were teaching us how to dance as well. Being the bride to be that day, they took me on to the stage and taught me some steps. It was great a experience with lots of laughter and miss steps. I am sure by that time I was slightly tipsy as well. I hardly drink which means even just a few drinks makes me easily drunk.

Hen's Party (5) Hen's Party (6) Hen's Party (8)

All of us had good fun in the restaurant but we decided to leave the place to go to pub. It was Saturday night so the pub was really full. Good music was on the speakers so we went straight to the dance floor and grooved. We had a few shots of tequila but rest of the evening we were on the dance floor.

Hen's Party (9) Hen's Party (10)

Around close to midnight, all of us were tired so we decided to call it a night.

Overall we had a great night out with the gals and the celebration of the last few days of my freedom.

Next post will be about my wedding preparation.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


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4 responses to “Our Story : Hen’s night – Part 35

  1. Your friends (and cousins or sister, too?) had a wonderful ladies night out, which I am always smiling to see you dancing and having a great time! I am so happy you do this and enjoy your friends!

  2. hillarious party girl!!!!
    lucky you my friend….

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