Bring your baby to the movies

As a new mum, we do everything for our bub but at times you want to do things for yourself too. For me, it is my regular massage but I have wanted to go and enjoy movies in the cinema for a while.

The problem with a little one is that you never know when they are going to cry or want to crawl. So it is impossible to go to a normal movie session. Thankfully in Sydney, all the major cinemas offer baby and mum sessions.

I wanted to watch the new James Bonds movie so AS and I decided to go and give it a shot. Neither of us were sure if we would be able to enjoy the movie. On top of that we realised that the session is nearly 3 hours long only after buying the tickets.

I was so sure that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the movie so I was determined to take Chhori out of the theatre if she started crying so at least one of us would enjoy the movie. To get her to sleep, I fed Chhori before we went inside the cinema.

The session was in a normal cinema so we were not allowed to take the pram inside but had to park the pram outside. When the session stated they didn’t turn of the light like normal but just dimmed it a bit probably so we could feed and check the baby.

The best thing about the “Bring your Baby” session is that if your little one feels the need to cry or to make some noise, all the other movie-goers will understand because they have little ones too. As we went on a weekday afternoon session, the cinema was not crowded so it was great for everyone to stay far from each other.

Once the session started, I fed Chhori and she went to sleep on my lap. I was sure she wouldn’t sleep for so long but I concentrated on the movie.

I enjoyed the movie as it had been almost a year since I had been to a movie. Almost an hour into the movie Chhori started to stir which meant that she might wake up so I dream fed her hoping she would go back to sleep and lucky for us she did.

So she slept through the whole movie and I woke her up once the movie was over. We were happy with both our Chhori and the movie too.

So if you have a baby and thinking of going for a movie, please do some research and I am sure you will find something similar around you.

Have a great day everyone.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


7 responses to “Bring your baby to the movies

  1. Merry Christmas!!
    Thinking of you all. Have a wonderful day with your beautiful little girl.
    Love to you. Paula and Mathew. xxxxxxxx

  2. I though Spectre was good, not great. Would appreciate it if you checked out my 100 Word review:

  3. Great that they offer such things at the cinema. Last time we went to cinema was to watch the hobbit 3 and we only could go because my parents took care of our son,.

  4. I used to sit in the back row of normal cinema before baby and mum times. I nursed my babies and planned for times they would normally nap. I liked this post and so glad Chhori was sweet and good baby, as always. 🙂

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