The worst feeling in the world

Chhori has been sick for the last few days and I feel so helpless. As she can’t talk yet, she can’t tell us what’s wrong with her. Poor baby has been vomiting after nearly every meal.

It all started Saturday morning. We were having a good Saturday morning until we had breakfast. As soon as Chhori finished her breakfast, Weetabix and milk, she vomited it all out. It was not just a normal vomit but this was like a projectile where she vomited out everything she had just eaten.


We cleaned her up and checked her to see if she had a fever or anything else. She seemed OK and she was happily playing with her toys as normal. So we decided it may be something in the breakfast she that couldn’t digest though this is her normal breakfast. Sometime it is normal for babies to vomit.

In the afternoon, we did some house hold chores sand prepared lunch. We fed Chhori first as she didn’t have much to eat the whole morning. She was good and finished everything on her plate. I was happy as she seemed all ok and eating again. But within a minute, she vomited again taking out everything she had.

I was worried at that stage but we were not too sure what to do. Our normal GP is on holiday and we didn’t want to go to the hospital yet.

We cleaned her up again and checked if she had a fever. She seemed normal and wanting to eat what we had in our plate. We thought it is a good sign and she is willing to eat so we gave her some rice and veggies and she seemed ok.

She was ok the rest of the day and I was relieved when she didn’t vomit after her dinner. She was playing with my nephew and was her happy self.

chhori (2)

Sunday morning at 2 am, I breastfed her and she went back to her cot to sleep as normal. But within a minute, she vomited, and a big amount too. She vomited the milk she just drank and everything she had for dinner. It was bad to see her all covered in vomit half sleep.

We both woke up and cleaned her up, her cot and our bed. She was awake at this stage but didn’t want to go back to sleep so I was carrying her whole time. As soon as AS finished fixing up our bed I took her to our bed and, we were contemplating what to do at that time of night.

Emergency department in the hospital is not a very good idea as it will be a long wait. We had that experience last time when we took Chhori to the hospital so we decided it is best to call the the 24 hour GP. We have a special service where a GP will visit you at home after hours. We called them and they informed us that the next available GP won’t be at our place until 7 am in the morning. We decided that it should be ok.

In the meantime, Chhori was calm and went to sleep in a few minutes. At 6 am, our doorbell rang and it was the GP.

Chhori (2)

He checked Chhori properly and told us that it may be some king of gastro other than that she is fine. It was a relief to hear that as I was worried it might be something more serious. Sunday morning she was mostly fine expect she vomited a small amount after breakfast.

Our whole weekend was over just making sure Chhori as OK. I am glad she is doing well so far. But it was one of the worst feelings to see her sick and in pain and we were so helpless.

I am sure there will be more instances in the future when she will be unwell but at least when she is able to talk I hope we can help her more. But a baby who can’t speak and can’t tell you what is wrong makes parents feel helpless.

I hope all you had better weekend than I did.

Take care.,

M from nepaliaustralian


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13 responses to “The worst feeling in the world

  1. It is natural dt when child is sick then mother becomes upset.donn’t worry.

  2. Hope she feels better soon!

  3. That is a really scary event.. I’m glad she’s okay now.

  4. I don’t think I can click the LIKE button for this one. It is awful to hear and I can well understand how distressed you have been. Let’s hope she continues to do well now. My weekend was fine, Australian, but it’s much too cold for April.

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