NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2015 WINNERS Announced

First of all, a big thank you to all the bloggers and voters who participated in NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2015. I am so happy to see so many of you voting and making this award bigger than ever.

nepaliaustralian blog award 2015

I am also thrilled by the way everyone came together to celebrate and support the talented individuals who spend so many hours behind the scenes creating the blogs we all love to read. I have to let the bloggers know that you have some amazing supporters who voted for you.

Without further delay, I am more than pleased to announce the winners of the NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2015. Good luck to everyone who has been nominated.

Drum roll………

Below are the award winners in each category of the NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2015.

Best Blog for 2015

best blog

Best Photo Blog 2015

Best photo blog

Best Food Blog 2015

best food blog

Best Travel Blog 2015

best travel blog

Best Fashion Blog 2015

best fashion blog

Best Personal Blog 2015

best personal blog

Most Diverse Blog 2015

Best diverse blog

Best New Blog 2015

best new blog

A Big Congratulations to all the winners, please do not forget to leave your acceptance speech and thank you everyone.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


15 responses to “NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2015 WINNERS Announced

  1. This is such a clever idea. It’s such a great fast track to finding other spectacular blogs. Love it!

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  4. Sorry I’m a bit late in responding but the transformer for our district here in Pokhara was hit by lightning (AGAIN) and we were without power for a few days. A big DHANYABAD (thank you in Nepali) to whomever nominated and all who voted for my little blog. Thank you nepaliaustralian for organizing this contest! What a fabulous way to share and promote the blogs in our own little intercultural niche. A big congratulations to all the winners and participants – it was such an honor to just be nominated! I’ll definitely being do a post about this award on my blog.

  5. Congrats to the winners~!

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  7. Firstly I want to say a huge well done to everyone else who’s won an award alongside me, I can’t wait to get the chance to read all of your blogs! I can’t express how much this has astonished me, I didn’t know that I’d even been nominated, so to be told today that I’d won the award for Best Fashion Blog 2015 were utterly bewildering in the most euphoric way, considering also that I’d only started my blog at the end of last year! Whoever initially nominated me, and then additionally voted for me, I can’t thank them enough – whoever they are! It means the world simply to have people reading my blog, let alone enjoying it enough to do this for me, it’s remarkable and I really am grateful. I can honestly say it’s the most amazing feeling to get recognition for doing something you feel passionate about. Thank you so much to you also, NepaliAustralian, for accepting a nomination for my blog and promoting me through your own blog via this award. It’s a beautiful thing you’re doing for everyone and I can’t wait to peruse here, too. I’d like to ask a small favour however, would there be any way of sending me the award please? As I’d LOVE to display it on DisasterDavis with pride, though the award used above my blog link is the Food Blog award. 😛 Many thanks and congratulations again, to everyone who’s been involved with this!! xxx

  8. Thank you, nepaliaustralian and everyone who voted for my blog! Congratulations to fellow winners and a great job nepaliaustralian for letting me and others discover those amazing blogs!

  9. Thank you so so much, M! This came in as a big surprise 🙂 I am so honored and humbled 🙂
    Big congrats to all the winners 🙂

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  11. Thank you so much for this. I really did not expect something like this award at all. I will have definitely also a little post about this award on my blog to enourage my readers to check out the other winners!

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