Accident and lucky escape

I want to believe that we are very relaxed parents especially at our own place as we know the house is baby proof.

Chhori has learned the climbing skill so she keeps on discovering new things to climb on but our place is mostly safe so we let her play without being very worried.

Last week, we went to visit one of our friends. We have been to this friend’s house multiple times and Chhori loves to explore their living room. She was climbing on a coffee table early in the evening.

Anyway we were all watching a movie and Chhori was playing nearby.

Suddenly, she decided that she would climb their shoe rack. Unfortunately, the shoe rack is the one from Ikea which was recommended to be hooked to the wall but it wasn’t.

We were really luck that AS was just near her and caught the rack so it didn’t fall on her. All of us were shocked for a while but Chhori was as cool as a banana. She didn’t scream or cry but was just surprise when I screamed when I saw what was happening. Within a minute, she stared to play with other things in the room as if nothing had happened.

But for us, we learned a good lesson to be near her all the time when we are out and about. As she is getting older, she has become more curious so we need to be very careful and watch what she is doing all the time.

I am more worried about our visit to Nepal. I can’t even imagine how things will work out there.

Do share your own experience and if you know how could we can prevent things like this happening in future.

Take care everyone,

M from nepaliaustralian


13 responses to “Accident and lucky escape

  1. We’ve been there so many times believe me. It’s hard and we’ve seen after living in Bangladesh how easy it is for much worse to happen. Yes my suggestion is simply to always have at least one person at a time always watching her. They don’t allow anything else to distract them. Little ones get into the most dangerous scrapes so quickly and so so easily. Best wishes and glad she’s okay now 🙂

  2. Well, Australian, no matter how careful you are, there will always be something. We can only do so much. Lucky that Mr Australian caught the rack.

  3. Things happen so fast when babies start being active! So glad everything was ok.

  4. I know such things they are real crazy! I learned to go watch out for Nathan when I don’t hear him making any sound, it always means he is up to some stupid things 🙂

    • You are so right. If there is no noise then she is definitely doing something naughty. Also she knows that there are certain things we don’t want her to do so she hides away from us if she is doing those stuffs, too clever already 🙂

  5. Raising a child means you should have eyes all over your head… you can’t predict where these accidents come from..🤔😊

  6. I am so scared of the time when my little one will start crawling and exploring. I am so panicked. Only the other day she rolled on her tummy in the cot and her head was so close to the bars she started 😢

    • Once they are mobile, we really need to be so careful. At least at home we know she is safe but when we are out and about it is different game. And it gets worst as they become more and more active. Hope your little one is doing OK.

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