We are going to Hawaii

I am excited to let you guys know that we will be going to Hawaii soon. I booked the holiday almost 6 months ago now and with everything happening around me, almost forgot to plan what to do and where to go. Now we only have a few weeks to go and I am frantically googling things to do there which are toddler friendly.

On top of being a holiday, I am also excited to be meeting one of my best friends from school whom I haven’t seen for almost a decade now. She lives in the mainland USA but will be coming to Hawaii to see me and it is so exciting.

It will be a great reunion as so much has happened since we last met. The last time I went to the USA, she was living in New York and we had a great time together going to places and living a single girl’s life.

Now, both of us are married and have kids. I can’t believe we are in such a different stage of our life. We have so many memories together from school. We do talk frequently over the phone but seeing her will be a treat for sure.

It will be Chhori’s first time to the USA and AS will love this holiday as it will bring back a lot of memories for him, all the American food and shops.

I plan to relax and unwind and do loads of shopping 🙂

Anyway if you know Hawaii and have any recommendations for food, shopping or sightseeing which are toddler friendly, please do share that with me.

I will be very happy to share my experience once I get back.

Thanks everyone.

M from nepaliaustralian



10 responses to “We are going to Hawaii

  1. Its on my todo list for this year as well. We are thinking November maybe. Cant wait. 🙂 Hope you have a great trip. 🙂

  2. There are lots of places to see and go. I know my daughter loved her semester at Chaminaud University.
    You will find a zoo, a plant conservatory or a star planetarium.
    Wishing you an amazing vacation!! 💖💕

  3. lucky you! I’d love to do Hawaii 😀 I’m consoling myself with the fact my family and I are doing our first ever US trip and visiting NY and Colorado in a few weeks’ time 😀

  4. You take such amazing holidays! Looking forward to your pictures, as usual. Take some of the new shoes 😛

  5. Oh how I wish I could visit Hawaii at some point. Last time I checked (when I still lived in Finland) it would have been around 8000 Euros for just a week there for us! Well right now we wouldnt get anyhow the visa for my wife as it is really hard for Chinese nationals at the moment (and also for Germans for some reasons…)

  6. Enjoy your holiday. I am sure you will have an amaze time and little Chorri probably is over the moon

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