Pyjama day @ childcare

Chhori’s childcare organises different events every week to keep the kids entertained. I like it as it gives us something to look forward to as well.

Lat week, they had Pyjama Day and we made sure Chhori was dress in her PJ and cute shoes.

When AS went to drop her off in the morning, he had to sign an agreement to say that we are OK for her to watch the movie “Moana”.

I had loved the movie when we watched it few months ago.

Anyway when I went to pick her up, there was a parcel next to her bag. The teacher informed us that she had won the best dressed award in her class. It is her first prize from the childcare and even though it is nothing big, we feel so proud. I guess all parents are like this 🙂

They gave her a parcel filled with balloons, lollies, bubbles and some small toys. I am sure Chhori didn’t understand the reason behind the parcel but was excited to see the lollies and toys.

On the other hand, my nephew didn’t understand why he didn’t get an award as well and was quite upset.

Kids can be so funny and cute.

Do share your own moments that your kids made you proud.

Have a great day everyone.

M from nepaliaustralian


7 responses to “Pyjama day @ childcare

  1. thewordsgetacanvas

    My daughter is 5 and just recently she did something nice at school that made me proud . Well it isn’t really a big thing , but she went up to another girl who was standing alone from the crowd looking a little lost wondering whether to join them or not . It was then that my otherwise super shy girl asked her very warmly to join them at play . That little gesture from her made my day 🙂

  2. My grandchildren like picking books out of a cloth bag in my back seat of my car. They will read or pretend to read if they are a little young.
    We all adore Chhori and particularly always loved my children after their baths and in their pj’s. Just so cute! 🙂

  3. The other kids don’t seem to be wearing PJs? I wish we had this when I was in daycare! 😀

  4. Well I cant really think when I felt especially proud of my son as I feel proud all the time :p (perhaps when I got a new book for him and he read me the title, no one knew that he could recognize words already with him being just a bit over 3 years old).
    Anyhow the movie Moana is great. We bought it last month and our Nathan enjoyed it as well though the scene with the crab scared him a bit

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