ID and key card

These days I am travelling a lot between different offices for my job.

The other day when I went from one office to another which was around 10 minutes’ drive, I realised that I had lost my employee ID and security pass.

I was panicking when one of my colleague emailed to let me know that someone had found the ID and handed it back.I was happy and relieved to know that.

Anyway I returned to the office and parked the car. As soon as I got out of the car, one of the tradesmen who was working on one of the building nearby came and said, “You are M right? We found the pass and gave it to the office.” I was thankful and thanked him and walked passed.

Within few second, another tradesman came to me and said, “Hello M, we have given your ID and pass back when we found it this afternoon.”

I thanked him again and walked literally for a second, there was 3rd and 4th guys telling me the same thing.

I was very grateful that they had found the id card and handed it back but all the attention I was getting when I walked from the car park to the office made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I am famous in that worksite for sure 🙂

Have you lost and found something important? Do share your story.

Have a great day everyone.

M from nepaliaustralian


Take care

3 responses to “ID and key card

  1. I have had my purse stolen twice and had to replace driver’s license, credit cards and insurance cards. Once I was right there (at library) when it was taken, other time close by and they had to get in my car while I was talking to somebody!
    Neither criminal had to pay Me back! Just their lawyers who got them community service and slap on hand! Grrrr! it made me upset!
    Take care and it now is a little embarassing passing all those who helped or knew about the ID badge and key card. Try to look down and maybe they will give you peace and respect. (?) My suggestion anyway. hugs xo kiss for Chhori, dear.

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