Chhori’s birthday celebrations

As I have mentioned before, we do not follow the Gregorian calendar so on the Nepali Calendar we have birthdays on different days every year depending on the position of sun, moon and planets.  So we celebrated Chhori’s Tithi birthday in traditional Nepali manner with puja and sagun.

Luckily it was a weekend so I had enough time to prepare and wasn’t too rushed.

I wore a tradition sari and Chhori wore a lehenga. She was so excited that she was turning 3 that she had been telling everyone she met that she is going to be 3 soon. It was cute to see her excited about her birthday.

Once everything was prepared, Chhori sat down and I started the pooja.

I started the pooja for Lord Ganesh and then pooja for to Chhori. I explained to her everything I was doing and she listened and followed the instructions. She didn’t complain or try to get up from her place for the whole time and I am super proud of her.

She got the sagun and gifts and she was so happy.

I am hoping our effort to show Chhori our culture and tradition will help her understand where her roots are and how amazing and rich Nepali culture is.

I made a small pink birthday cake to cut that day as I didn’t want her to have a birthday celebration without a cake 🙂

On her birthday according to the Gregorian calendar, I baked a cake and took it to her childcare. When she saw me with the cake she was so excited and started to show the cake to her friends.

The teachers had arranged the table for us to celebrate her birthday. She sat with her friends when we sang the birthday song for her and then cut the cake.

As childcare has a policy of no nuts and no chocolate I had made a simple vanilla sponge cake with fondant and it turned out OK.

If you are a parent, kid’s birthdays are so special and I hope Chhori will have a special one every year.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


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17 responses to “Chhori’s birthday celebrations

  1. Your daughter will grow up with love in her heart, grace in her actions towards others and always respect her traditions of the cultures she was raised with and others she meets along the way.
    Happy birthday, dear 3 year old M! 🌷🌷🌷
    You are beautiful inside and out little one! 💮🌸

  2. She looks so pretty! Happy birthday to the young lady 😀

  3. How lovely! Thank you for sharing your culture here. I love that on the one had you have something that seems so exotic to outsiders and then you have a little Pepper Pig on her cake, who my boys loved when they were 3 too. 🙂

  4. I remember her last year birthday as well. So beautiful 😍
    Happy birthday to the lovely daughter
    Wow…I am following you for a long time if I remember her last birthday as well 😋

  5. Such a beautiful birthday cake 🙂 Belated happy bday to your dear daughter 🙂 God bless her 🙂

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