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Take a second

Yesterday I went to the train station to pick up AS since I had the day off and was missing him the whole day. It was a rainy, cold winter evening. I parked the car and waited inside the car and I saw many commuters hurrying home to get away from awful cold and to be with their loved one. As I was waiting, I saw this young guy outside the station giving pamphlets to passers-by, you know the leaflets they give out with discount or some advertisement.

As I was there for a while and nothing else to do, I decided to observe what he was doing. He was trying hard to give as many pamphlets out as possible because I think he was being paid per pamphlet but it was so sad to see that hardly anyone was taking it.

For most people who were passing him, he seemed invisible as everyone is too busy with their own life to care about him. I have to be honest and say that I too have passed by so many boys/girls like him who were giving stuff out but as I observed him, I felt sorry for him. Poor guy, I am sure he would wish to be anywhere but there, giving out pamphlets, but then he needs to earn money like everyone else.

I was happy for him when people took the pamphlets but in average only 4-5% of people who passed by took the pamphlets. He looked cold and bored at times but he was doing his best to finish his lot so he could go home too.

In reality, it takes only a second to take a pamphlet but we still don’t stop for that one second and take it. I know we have millions of things on our mind all the time but if someone can make his living by a second you spend on taking the pamphlets then why not spend that one second and help them out. We have nothing to lose but the other person might earn a few dollars because of that. So I decided from now I am going to take any pamphlets they give out.  While I was having these thoughts, AS sent me a text:

I am almost home. Where are you?

I replied to him, “Hi babe, I am waiting for you outside the station. On the way down please pick up a pamphlet from the guy who is standing at the bottom of the stairs 🙂

So, when AS came out of the station, he took that pamphlet and walked towards the car smiling.

He asked me why I asked him to pick it up and I said I had no reason; I was just observing him for a while and wanted to help.

If you are wondering what he was giving out, it was a pamphlet for our local gym.


So do you normally, pick up these pamphlets? What are your thought, do share?

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