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Welcoming 2012

I am finally back in Sydney after our nice break. We had an early morning flight leaving Vanuatu so I was sleepy the whole flight. When we landed in Sydney airport, I felt good that I was in Sydney just in time to celebrate New Year.

2011 was one of the best years for me as it was the first New Year celebration that AS was by my side to start the year together. I wanted to do something special for AS so I had bought a cruise ticket to watch the fireworks in front of Harbour Bridge and Opera house. They say Sydney’s fireworks are one of the best in the world so I wanted to be sure that we got the best seats in the house.

After Skyping with our family and having lunch, we headed to the city. As soon as we were in the train I could see that it was going to be a very crowded few hours. We got off at Circular Quay to catch our boat. There were thousands of people every where. I had not seen that many people at one place for a long time. We went to our pick up area and saw that there was a long queue to board the boat. We joined the queue and we were escorted on to our boat.

Once we were in the boat, I saw that they had a live band playing beautiful songs. There were around a 100+ people but there was enough room for us to walk around and pick the best seats. We decided to stay on the outside top deck. After everyone was aboard, our boat moved towards the open water and stopped in between Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

AS was armed with his DSLR camera so when the countdown began for New Year 2011, the camera was clicking as fast as it could. I think we had almost 1000 photos for that night alone and most of them were of the fireworks. It was a beautiful display of colourful fireworks. The atmosphere was so alive that I was sorry the celebration ended after just 25 minutes. There were so many boats in the water that I was glad I was among them  and so close to see the amazing show.

This year, it was a different story. As it was the last day of 2011 and I had so many things I needed to do but I was too tired (read lazy) after our holiday to do them so my New Year 2012 resolution will be to tie up all the loose ends this month. Also I will try to eat healthy and work out regularly along with AS. I also want to be a better human being and try to be less selfish with my needs 🙂

Last evening, we met up with a few friends and my brother and headed to Brighton Le Sands to watch the fireworks because the city is always too crowded for the New Year’s fireworks. Of course there were many people in Brighton Le Sands as well but we managed to get to the front of the beach and watch the amazing fireworks from there. Even though the fireworks may not have been as spectacular as the one in the city, it was still breath-taking and the crowd too was just awesome. The best part was we could walk back home after the celebrations.

This year too AS was armed with his camera and he got beautiful shots of the display and obviously some beautiful shots of me as well with the fireworks in the background 😀 .

The theme of 2012 was “Time to Dream”, capturing the imagination and giving hope.

Happy New Year from Sydney, everyone. May the beginning of the New Year be the beginning of great things to come the whole year through and may the New Year be filled with wonderful adventures and many successes!!!