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Hoina, timi haru duii jana ko job nai ghumna ho ki ke ho? I envy…

That was the comment one of our friends left on Facebook in one of our albums. It translates to “Is travelling around the job for the both of you?  I envy…”

Normally whenever we go out, I try to capture the day in photos. I believe they are the best memories I can have (I love taking photos). Normally, I upload those photos in Facebook especially for my family and AS’s family to see. One of the regular people on our Facebook is my MIL and my dad. They just love to look at our photos which assure them that we are happy and healthy in Australia. Also those photos are viewed by only a selected group of my and AS’s friends.

Anyway the above comments make me wonder if Facebook really portrays real life ? Because I believe most of us post only happy photos or events of our life in Facebook which doesn’t mean that we don’t have any sad or bad days. But still when people look at our Facebook, especially with the new timeline features, all they see is our holidays pics, going out pics and happy pics which makes them think that our life is all happiness and joy.

If you follow my posts, you know that I normally try to do something on the weekends so I have lots of photos of weekends in my Facebook. So if you view my timeline, it looks like all I have been doing in my life is travelling. So I do understand why our friend left that comment. I have had similar comments before.

“You are so lucky. You always seem to have time for holidays and that’s how ones life should be.”

“I want to holiday with you, take me in your suitcase.”

I even have people asking for holiday advice and suggestions when they are planning their holidays.

I don’t mind these comments and I am happy to help anyone with ideas when I can.

But then there are these people who think my life is all gold and glitters. That is what I don’t like. Like everyone around me, I work very hard and try to save money to fulfil my dream which is to travel and see the world. Most of my friends have different dreams than I have i.e. all Australians dream about owning their own house and they are working towards it.

Anyway back to Facebook, I have read lots of surveys that say that people are depressed more these days looking at the happy life of their friends and family in Facebook. Also here is an article  on how other people’s happy statues are affecting people and making them miserable.

I find it a bit stupid, since you should know better if you are a Facebook user. Do you really share all the misery in Facebook? (I know there are some exceptions). If your answer is NO then you should never be upset with what you read and see in Facebook. Everyone has their share of happiness and sadness since no one’s life is perfect. That is what you have to always remember . People are always living their life as they want for a long time, it is just that Facebook is making it easier to share and show the photos of your special moments. For some reason if it does bother you, the best thing to do is to stop looking at that particular person’s profile. There are lots of settings in Facebook which will allow you to hide the profile and activity of a person you don’t want to know about.

I, for one am an active user of Facebook and post photos there but I have never been depressed looking at the photos of my friends and family. I actually get inspired by them, for example I have wanted to go Sky diving for a long time but haven’t booked yet. Now I can see so many of my friends are doing it and looking at those photos really helped me to make my decision on doing it for sure, and soon. Also I know lots of new information from these photos like people getting married and having babies so I am happy to see all these.

And it is so true “Absurd as it may sound, the friends whom you envy may be envying you just as much!”

The study by Cyber psychology, Behavior and Social Networking found that people who spent less time socializing with friends in cyberspace and more time socializing with them in real life were less likely to report they were unhappy. So go out and have real good time with your real friends.

If you have any story to share regarding how Facebook affects people or you, please let me know.