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Good Samaritan named Jack

Sometime we meet strangers who help you when you fall down or who picks up the papers you dropped in the street or offers you a hand when you are carrying a heavy load, who offers you water in a sunny day or just gives you a seat in a bus /train when you are tired. You don’t know these people but they were just there when you needed help and they helped you. You might thank them when they helped you but sometimes you are so busy trying to fix the problem that before you gather your composure and look up to thank them but they are gone.

I am sure all of us can relate to these kinds of people who we don’t know but who is such a Good Samaritan that without them this world would be an evil place.

I had run in with a few people like that who came with an umbrella on a rainy day so I could cross the road; helped me to my car when I was carrying heavy grocery bags, stopped the car for me to cross, paid my bus fare on prepaid bus by using their pass and declined money or the ones who helped me fill air into my car tyres.

But today I want to share an incident of one of those Good Samaritans named Jack who made me smile and made this world a better place all over again.

One of my colleague’s wife, let’s call her Anna, had a car accident on Monday. For some reason she lost control of her car and hit a tree at the side of a street. She was driving with 2 kids, boys, 9 and 11. When she hit the car, the only thing on her mind was her boys’ safety but then she realised she was hurt and she couldn’t move. All three of them were in shock so that they didn’t react quickly. They were still inside the car. When you are in shock it is normal for people not to react and that was what they were going through.

Anyway out of nowhere, there was this guy who came and helped the kids out of the car. When he was trying to help Anna out of the car, he realised that she was hurt so she dialled ‘000’ for help. All Anna could hear at this stage was the guy talking on the phone and telling that his name is Jack. Anyway, the ambulance came after a few minutes and took Anna and both the boys to the hospital. The ambulance officer helped Anna, to call her husband, my colleague.

My colleague went to the hospital and found out that the boys were ok but Anna had some fractured bones so they were treating her at the hospital. He was thankful that it was not a big injury and glad that there was a guy who helped all of them. Once all the shock was absorbed, he asked Anna if she remembered who the Good Samaritan was as his quick thinking and help made sure Anna had proper medical help in time. But all Anna could remember was his first name. He even tried calling hospital to get the name so he could contact Jack and thank him. But no one knew who he was.

Yesterday he was so restless because he couldn’t  find any detail about Jack that he decided he would make a board that said ‘Thank You Jack!’ and stuck that on the tree where the accident happened. He told me that he really wanted to make sure that Jack knew that the whole family is thankful for his help.

Anyway he stuck the sign on the tree on the way to work yesterday. Guess what he saw on the tree when he was was driving home? Yes, Jack had replied and put a poster saying “It’s Ok. 🙂 I hope the kids r doing good.”

My colleague was so happy that his message was conveyed. He even took a picture of the tree and I am sharing that with you.

People like Jack make this world a better place and it makes me proud that we are human beings and haven’t lost our humanity.

Do share if you have any stories similar to this.