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My long weekend in picture

Last weekend, we had a long weekend as it was Labour Day on Monday. There is so much happening in Sydney right now that we had busy weekend. I am so tired now but glad I managed to do so much. Here are some of the photos from the weekend.

On Saturday, it was the start of Dashain, our biggest festival (for details click here). So in the morning I had to plant my Jamara to start the festival. To learn how to plant your own Jamara, please click here.


Around 10am, we headed to Wattamolla Beach to enjoy picnic with family and friends. Wattamolla Beach is located within the Royal National Park and have nice beach perfect to go with family. It was awesome sunny day and we had heaps of fun in water.

Wattamolla Beach  (4)Wattamolla Beach  (3)Wattamolla Beach  (1)Wattamolla Beach  (5)Wattamolla Beach  (7)Wattamolla Beach  (6)Wattamolla Beach  (8)

On Sunday, we went to Helensburgh temple (details here) as it is Dashain now and it seemed like a great idea.. We went there with some of our friends and his family. As always, we had breakfast there, yummy vegetarian South Indian dishes.


From there we drove for over an hour and was in Parramatta, enjoying Parramasala (details here). Like every year, it was fun with lots of food and music.

Parramasala (1)Parramasala (5)Parramasala (4)Parramasala (7) Parramasala (12) Parramasala (11) Parramasala (10) Parramasala (9) Parramasala (8)

On Monday, we went and saw the war ship at International Fleet Review. The review is a celebration marking 100 years since the Royal Australian Navy fleet first entered Sydney Harbour. It was worth the visit as we got to see so many navy ship from many different countries.

International Fleet Review (1) International Fleet Review (20) International Fleet Review (18) International Fleet Review (17) International Fleet Review (16) International Fleet Review (14) International Fleet Review (13)

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Parramasala 2012

Last weekend we went to the festival in Parramatta called Parramasala.

Parramasala is an international contemporary arts festival that celebrates the global impact of South Asian arts and cultures. The city of Parramatta comes alive with vibrant art and entertainment including music, dance, theatre, comedy, film, markets and visual arts from around the world.

Parramasala is also designed as a destination in the state of New South Wales for tourism and business development. The festival is at the forefront of the promotion of Parramatta as a great city in which to live, work and play.

We went there around 2pm and waited for the program to start in main dance area. In the mean time we went and found lunch which included samosa, masala dosa and chicken biryani. I have to say that the food was not tasty as it supposed to be but I guess it is normal in fairs like this.

There were lots of stalls setup to sell items like Indian style jeweller, Manchester, Indian outfits, book stalls and henna painting area. I wanted to get a henna but then I was going to have a massage afterwards so didn’t seems like a good idea.

The dances were good with some Bollywood, Indonesia, Indian Classical dance as well as modern dances.  There was some Tablatronics program as well which was interesting.

We had fun.The audience for the festival is all embracing, and attracts a wide a varied audience.

But the day was really cold so we decided to leave at 7.30pm. The show was on till 11pm.