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October long weekend road trip – Malua Bay and Hyams Beach

Last long weekend we went to the south coast of Sydney with a few of our friends. We had a great time and so much fun.

Malua Bay is a locality in the South Coast region of the state of New South Wales, Australia which is around 4 hours’ drive from Sydney.

Malua Bay town centre is located astride George Bass Drive, which is approximately 13 kilometres drive from the town of Batemans Bay where we went on holiday a few years ago on the Easter long weekend break.

In Malua Bay, we booked this beautiful 5 bedrooms house and we could view the bay from the balcony.

We left Sydney on Monday morning after the breakfast and our first stop was Kiama.

Kiama is situated 121km south of Sydney and has a population of about 12,000. It was the site of two strong volcanic flows, called the Gerringong Volcanics, which came out of Saddleback Mountain, now a collapsed volcanic vent.

When we arrived at Kiama, it was hard to find parking and very busy as it was a long weekend. We went straight to the “Kiama Blowhole” where the ocean pushes with great force through a fault in the rock and is considered one of Australia’s best known natural phenomena.

We waited to see a few blasts and went up to the light house and took a few photos. By then everyone was hungry so went to a nearby Thai restaurant. The food was good even though we thought the portion could have been better.

From there, our next stop was the beach house. As everyone has similar ideas as our, at times we met holiday traffic but most of the trip was smooth. We reached the house by 6 pm.

By that time, we were all tired so went for a round of tea and some snacks before preparing the dinner.

The kids were having the blast. We had 4 kids in total, two girls including Chhori and two boys who were younger. Chhori loved the company, she gets along well with our friends’ daughter as they are of similar age. She was good with sharing and playing together.

She also loved the little boy (I am not sure if she saw him as toy) and was playing with him. She loved to feed him water from his milk bottle. But she was not very happy when he didn’t take the bottle. It was so nice to see the kids interact.

We had done shopping for grocery from Sydney and had planned well. That night our dinner was everyone’s favourite, momo. As you can probably imagine, get together with Nepali people is not complete without this super yummy dumpling.

As there were so many people, it didn’t take long for the dinner to be ready with everyone helping out and it turned out yum. It was accompanied by tequilas shots, beers and wines. We all sat around until well past midnight talking and having fun.

Next morning, we had breakfast and went to Batesman Bay.

The day was a bit windy but the kids enjoyed the beach and the playground.

We grabbed take away for lunch and went back to the beach house for a relaxed lunch. The fish and chips we bought were really yummy.

For the dinner that night, it was Nepali style fried noodle we call Chowmein and it was delicious. We stayed up until 2 am playing dumb charades, singing and enjoying each other’s company.

On the last day there, we had an early breakfast and headed to Hyams beach.

Hyams Beach is a seaside town on the shores of Jervis Bay, located on the South Coast of New South Wales. It is one of the most beautiful beaches with bluish green water and white sand.

The kids enjoyed the sand play and we loved the amazing view. I really didn’t want to leave the beach but it was time for lunch and the drive back.

On the way back, we grabbed lunch and rested for a while and when we reached home and it was after 8 pm. We were all quite tired so we just went to bed concluding our October long weekend break.

Take care,

M from nepaliaustralian


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North Coast holiday : Coffs Harbour

From Forster, we went to our next stop, Coffs Harbour.

Coffs Harbour is a coastal city located on the north coast of New South Wales about 540 km (340 mi) north of Sydney, and 390 km (240 mi) south of Brisbane. It is a popular sea change destination attracting people to relocate from big cities to smaller towns on the coast.

As we had only one day there, we had our breakfast and went straight to one of the most iconic places in Coffs harbour, the Big Banana, one of the first of Australia’s Big Things (it celebrated its 40th birthday in 2005), with the World’s Largest Banana celebrating the region’s best known export. Coffs Harbour is the hub for a thriving banana industry.

Holiday (3)

The big banana was not as big as I expected but we took some photos in front of it and went to the next stop,  camel riding along the beach.

coffs harbour (2)

Unluckily the ride was at least an hour away so we decided to ditch the plan and went on a hike instead to the beautiful Muttonbird Island.

coffs harbour (7) coffs harbour (8)

Muttonbird Island is a great spot for watching birds up close; it’s one of the only easily-accessible places in NSW where the migratory wedge-tailed shearwater nests. It is also an important Aboriginal place, harbouring stories of the Dreaming and a wealth of traditional resources. The island, which is effectively one big hill, is connected to the land via a breakwall alongside the International Marina.

coffs harbour (4)

As we started our walk I could see that the trail seemed too long but as we ascend, I loved the place. All I could see was the green island and blue water. The sun was shining and the day was perfect to spend on the beach.

coffs harbour (9) coffs harbour (3)

A 500m paved walkway runs across the island to the other side. The path was well maintained so it was an easy hike and we saw many people around the island. Finally when we reached the top of the island, we were greeted by a council worker who was there to explain to us about the island and the birds there.

coffs harbour (11) coffs harbour (12)

Home to thousands of wedge-tailed shearwaters, also known as muttonbirds, the island is a protected Nature Reserve. Shearwaters are named for their ability to cut or shear the water with their wings as they skim across the surface. Early settlers called them muttonbirds for their fatty mutton-like flesh.

The muttonbirds spends the Australian winter in South-East Asia and travels thousands of kilometres each year to return to the same burrow on Muttonbird Island in August. The island’s plant cover hides the thousands of burrows and people are urged to stay on the track so as not to damage any of the burrows.

A pair of birds takes turns incubating a single egg and also sharing in the raising of their chick. They forage for food during the day and return to the burrow just after dusk. The muttonbirds leave the island for their annual migration in late April.

There are interpretive signs at the start of the walkway at the bottom of the island and along the path, explaining the lifecycle and habits of the wedge-tailed shearwaters.

The lady was really nice and it was an educational trip.

From top of the island, we could see an incredible 360-degree view across the ocean, beaches, harbour and marina, the city and the mountains. At the end of the walkway is a viewing platform, providing uninterrupted views of the waves crashing onto the rocks and of the Solitary Island Marina Park, which starts here.

coffs harbour (14) coffs harbour (15)

On the platform, there were interpretive signs about humpback whales. Muttonbird Island is one of the best spots on Coffs Coast for whale watching but unfortunately we didn’t see any that day.

coffs harbour (13) coffs harbour (10)

After an hour or so on the top, we decided to descend. As we were walking back to the car park, in the harbour, we saw a lot of of fishes which can be view from the top of the breakwater as the water is so clear.

coffs harbour (1)

Finally we hopped into the car and went for lunch which was to McDonalds that day. Then we just explored the other parts of the Coffs Harbour until it was time for us to move to our next stop, Port Stephens.

coffs harbour (5) coffs harbour (6)

Take care everyone, till the next post


M from nepaliaustralian

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