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Packing and moving

I wish I was saying that I am packing again and going on a holiday but unfortunately, I am not. Instead we are packing to move houses and it is really stressing me out. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel but there is so much to do before we move that it is driving me crazy.

When I first knew we were moving I thought I will plan things so that I don’t have to stress at all but how wrong I was. I did the first 10 boxes of packing with lots of excitement but then the excitement faded away. And that was just packing one of my wardrobes. Then the other boxes were packed but very slowly. I had so much to do and I had time but instead I was either watching Game of Thrones on TV or just sitting on the couch doing nothing. In my mind, I knew that I have to get it done and finish it but my body was not moving and the cold winter evenings were not helping at all.

Anyway, we have to move this weekend and I have packed may be 50% of our stuffs but still there is so much to be done. Both of us are working until Thursday, which means we have only Friday to pack everything so the removalists can come and move our stuffs over during the weekend.

I realised while I was packing, how much stuffs I have including clothes, shoes, belts, swimwear, and accessories but at the same time I don’t want to throw many things away. I do have a few boxes of stuffs, which I am planning to donate or throw but I know I can part with many more. I am trying my best to reason with myself and try to organise stuffs so it can be donated but it is not an easy job.

Over the years, I know I have added more stuffs to my collection than throwing things out so surely, my wardrobe will need good organisation and I think this is the best time to do it. But I am so stressed for the last few days that I have packed many things into the boxes thinking I will decide about them while I am unpacking.

What I really want to do in our new place is to have less clutter. I want things to be organised so I can find things when I am looking for them without spending too much time and making a mess of the wardrobe. I wish I could hire help who would unpack my stuffs and throw out the things I don’t use but that is not going to happen. So I hope while unpacking in our new home, I will come to my senses and be able to throw or donate more stuffs from those boxes.

So after this week, I will be unpacking, fixing our new place, organising stuffs and may not have internet for around 2 weeks so will not be blogging much. But I promise I will come back soon. Till then, take care everyone…


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Packing nightmare

I have been to many holidays and done all the packing on my own but I have never been this stressed just before a holiday.

To start off with, it has been busy at work which means I have to finish a long list of things before I go. On top of that we are flying out on a weekday at 6.30 am. I am working until the day before so all I have is a few hours after work to sort millions of things.

Last weekend, we decided to start packing so we would have less hassle at the last minute. I packed all my summer clothes and was so happy to see that the suitcase was not too stuffy and quit light. I am one of those persons who don’t know what “light travel” means. I shop wherever I go so I end up carrying luggage to the weight limit of the air carrier.

Anyway I thought I would have an easy few days before we fly out but luck was not on my side. Yesterday we decide to check the weather for the places we are going to just to make sure that we were packing for the right weather. I was disappointed to see that most of the places we are going to will be under 20 degree Celsius if we are lucky, otherwise it is going to be below 15.

One of the main reasons I picked this time of the year to go away was to avoid the winter in Australia but most importantly, the places we are going should have had the end of spring and start of summer, perfect travel time. But I didn’t realise that the weather of the rest of the world is different toAustralia. Here spring and summer are quite warm. So I was packing according to that but to my dismay last night I had to repack everything. I took half of my summer dresses out and instead I had to put in sweaters and jackets. Yes, you guessed it right. Now the suitcase is so bulky that I can’t zip it up!

I’m now waiting for my husband to finish his packing so that I can transfer some of my stuff into his suitcase. Guess I should say that, that is one of the perks of being married. We can share luggage space (I mean to say, I can take his share of luggage space as well 🙂 ).

We were up till late last night and I woke up early this morning and now my head is pounding. God I have never felt this bad before I travel, ever.

I am hoping everything will go well and this holiday will go as I planned. After all this is my dream holiday that I have been planning for a long time.