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How do you deal with negative/rude comments in your blog?

I am sure I am not the only one but everyone who has a blog gets negative or rude comments from some random people form time to time. Today I want to open a platform for everyone who have a blog and reads my blog to share their story.

I have read a few posts from time to time from other bloggers about people who are an individual or group of people constantly writing negative or rude comments on their blog to the point that it makes them upset and angry. I even read that they had a break down after reading the hurtful messages.

I have to admit I do have had a handful of these comments as well but I never published it, I just ignore them by deleting it. I don’t want to encourage them further by responding to their stupid and rude ideas.

The first time I got such comment, I was really hurt. It’s so hard not to have an emotional reaction when someone says something negative/rude about a post you’ve spent ages writing. I let that comment get me because it was directed to me in such a rude way. I really wanted to respond with an equally angry (but not rude) comment but after the initial anger, I realised that these people are not worth my time.

One of the reasons I decided not to publish those comments is because I don’t want them to have the satisfaction of those rude comments being read by many people who read my blog. Also they were made not only towards me alone but were towards Nepali people, women in general or to one of the comments on my post.

I believe these people are just loud mouthed and very negative, full of hot air. For whatever reason, they decided that they do not like something I’ve done, what I said or just take offense at me. They make it a personal mission to attack me in public throwing accusations at me via my blog.

If they have so much time to spread hatred, that is their choice in their life. I decided I should not help them in their mission so I am not wasting any of my time on them. If I have time to write, I better write another post so I can share more with my readers. I know I am better than these rude people so I decided to use my time and words in a positive way than becoming tangled in a stupid war of words.

I have come across blogs where I didn’t agree with the ideas expressed by the author or didn’t like the post. But I believe that if I can’t say something nice, I won’t say anything at all. From the next time, I made sure that I didn’t visit their blog and that is the end of it.

How often have you got rude comments on your blog? How do you deal with them?