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Hen’s Night for my friend AG

Before I came to Australia, I had no knowledge of Hen’s nights but in the last few years, I have attended many of them with my girl friends. My own hen’s night was organised in a Spanish Club in Sydney. I had a great time with my girl friends, dancing the whole night.

It had been a while since I went out for a girls night out so my friend AG’s hen’s night was perfect excuse for all us to leave our partners at home and go to Vivaz for a great night out.

 Luckily it was a good, sunny day so when we met at the club, everyone was in high spirits. We had bought a package deal for the night so things were already planned for the whole night.

The theme for the night was anything red.

The night started with a live drawing of a naked male model. It was so much fun as I could see how much imagination all my friends had. Everyone was enjoying the class but I felt a bit sorry for the male model who was in a room with more that 20+ girls laughing at him. I guess he is used to that as he had this serious experience the whole time.

The next step was a lesson on how to make a cocktail. It was fun to know what goes in a drink you normally order. The bride to be got a few free shots and was having the time of her life. Even when we all tried to mix the same drink; all our drinks had a different taste. It was wise of us to leave mixing of the rest of our drinks to the professionals.

The next thing was Salsa lessons from a very hot Latino instructor ;). That was my favourite part of the whole night as I love dancing. As there were only girls, one of us had to do the guy’s steps and other one was doing the girl’s steps. The instructor was teaching all these sexy moves, we couldn’t help but laugh. It was so much fun that we didn’t realise we spent one & half hour dancing. Some of the photos we have are so funny that we were laughing our heads off.

Then it was time for our dinner. We were given table with the view of the Opera house and Harbour Bridge. What more could we have asked for? I am not sure for what reason but there were fireworks going on at the Opera house.

We were served a buffet dinner which had a few varieties of pastas, lots of green salads, baked veggies, roast chicken, beef and pork. The dessert was chocolate mouse and fruit salad. We all ate and enjoyed our sweet treat.

Finally everyone headed to the dance floor and had fun for the rest of the evening. We tried lots of steps that we learned earlier. A good night out with my gals!!!

Wishing my friend AG and her fiancé AA best wishes for their wedding. They are flying to Nepal next week and getting married on 2 December.