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Household tricks and tips (HTT)

I know we all have tips and tricks we use every day around the house which make our job easier. In this page, I want to collect all those tips and tricks. Please leave comments below with your handy tips so I can share them in my blog too.

#HTT : How to keep your shower cubical clean?

In Australia, most of the shower cubical is made out of glass. When you shower every day, it will leave behind soap scum which look really bad but you can’t clean it every day. So it is a painful job you need to do when you do it but in the meantime every time anyone uses the toilet, they will see the marks in the shower cubical.

Solution: Keep a window/glass squeegee in the shower. Yes, it is really handy. Every time, anyone has a shower, ask them to use it on the tiles and glass and you don’t have to worry about it at all.

As the tiles and glass panels will be soaked properly while someone has a shower, if you just use the window cleaner, squeegee, the surface won’t have any soap scum and will look clean. It takes only a minute and will keep your bath cubical shiny all the time.

#HTT : What to use as alternative for wet wipes?

We always need make up removal wet wipes around as it is so handy and can fix a mess but if you run out of it there is always a solution.

Solution: Use baby wipes instead. They are soft, most are fragrance and alcohol free and cheaper than wet wipes.

Both baby wipes and wet wipes contain the same active ingredients and have different additives like Aloe depending on the brand so I see no problem.

Dear readers, please leave comments below with your handy tips so I can share them in my blog too.

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