What the hell wrong with the drivers on road?

When I started this blog I though I will never rant on it, I will just share my experience from my life but I will not be a normal woman if I don’t rant so here it is.

What the hell wrong with the drivers on road?

 I have driven in Australia, Nepal and New Zealand only so I won’t know about the rest of the world.But seriously I have seen one after another crazy driver on the road for the past few weeks.

I never understood why people have to talk on the phone while driving. Don’t you know it is illegal? And I am seeing this increasing number of people wearing a head phone while driving. Aren’t you supposed to be aware of your environment while you drive, so how the hell can you hear an ambulance when you have headphone on both yours ears.

And what’s with the people who try so hard to get into your lane. You think it is ok to let them go so you slow down or stop but they don’t even have the courtesy to wave a Thank You. They drive like they deserve that pass. Hello! I was just being nice and if I knew you would not even acknowledge my kindness then I would have never let you in. 

And there are other kinds of drivers who feel that they need to race me. Even if they break the speed limit to overtake me. Anyway most of the time I catch up with them at next traffic light so what is the use of risking getting fined just to overtake and beat me by a few seconds. 

And don’t even get me started on the bike and cycle riders. Motorbike riders always think they have to be at the front of the line when there is a red light so they will try to squeeze into any small space they can find to be in the front. 

I know bicycle is environment friendly but I don’t live 2km away so I can ride to work. I need to drive so don’t give me that attitude. The worst part of a bicycle rider is, in peak hours they will take up the whole left lane and all the cars have to change lanes to pass him. Then when there is a red light, they will just jump on to the footpath and cross the light with the pedestrians and then again go back to riding on the road. I don’t know why there is no stricter rule against this. Seriously, if cyclists need to use the road, they must follow the entire road rule as any other motorist. And if they can ride on the footpath then they shouldn’t be riding on the road. 

And in the morning traffic, you get to see all kinds of drivers. There was a woman painting her toe nails on a red light while a man in the next car was shaving with an electric shaver. Seriously are we so busy that we don’t have time to do all this at home. Then there was this woman who was applying make up. At one light, one eye liner and at next light another eye liner, then lipstick and powder and a few more that I had no idea what she was applying. 

I am sure they understand that doing other things while you drive will distract you and can cause accidents. But they still think they can multi task and because of their stupidity other people will be affected as well. 

If you are a good driver it doesn’t mean that some bad driver won’t come and hit you from the back, front, left or right. So to avoid accidents everyone on the road must be a good driver. 

I don’t understand what is the rush with everyone on the road. How can people be so impatient that they are willing risk their lives to avoid being late. Look at this video and see for yourself if it is really worth getting distracted while driving.


Drive safe everyone and thanks for reading my ranting.

4 responses to “What the hell wrong with the drivers on road?

  1. Its so true. Here in Dubai, they have placed heavy fines on women who would use the rearview mirror to apply mascara, liner etc. You don’t get to see all that much, out here coz everything has a heavy fine, hence the rules are strict and people follow. Fines for no seat belts, talking on the phone, littering from the car, some are serious offences.. like crossing the red light.. even cyclists! Drivers might get stripped off their license for 10 years! People are so ignorant..and most of those who end up in in fatal accidents are those who crossed the line.

  2. The next 3 weeks I will missing you posts. But if I m back I will read all.
    See you……
    I will say hello Namaste in Nepal from you.

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